Mar 24 2011

Free Downloads: Ribbon Holders

Free Downloads: Ribbon Holder 1

I’m not particularly a tidy person, but sometimes, I suddenly get this strong urge to organizing things. And today, the urge hit me – it told me to sort out one of my craft supply boxes, which had been a shelter (or a dumping box) for odd bits of fabrics and ribbons. The difficulty about storing ribbons is that not all of them come with spools (I really wish they did). So I nagged my hubby, who is a graphic designer, to make some ribbon holders for me. And these holders are going to be my first free PDF downloads; hope you enjoy organising your ribbon stashes too!

Free Downloads: Ribbon Holder, PDF 1Free Downloads: Ribbon Holder, PDF 2Free Downloads: Ribbon Holder, PDF3

Simply click HERE for the plain ones, HERE for the stripes, and HERE for the star patterns.

Free Downloads: Ribbon Holder 2

Print out the PDF, and cut each dog. I recommend using thick papers, otherwise the dogs will curl up a little bit like mine!

Free Downloads: Ribbon Holder 3

My craft box is now organized; free spaces in the box means I should buy more ribbons, no?

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  1. Thank you Christine, and hope you enjoy the ribbon holders!

  2. You make such lovely things- Such a joy!

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