Feb 22 2012

Pom Pom Snood Tutorial

Pom Pom Snood 3

Are you a fan of snood? And are you a fan of pom poms? If your answers were two yeses, then today’s project is perfect for you :) I found a gorgeous scarf, called ‘Bring it Pom Scarf’ (I know, don’t you love it already?) via Pinterest the other day. They no longer sell the scarf, but I couldn’t give up; I, as a lover of all things round and colourful (ie, felt balls and pom poms), HAD to own it!

Pom Pom Snood

Isn’t it just lovable? Bring it Pom, come back to me… (image from here)

Anyways, let’s get on with the tutorial, shall we? You can use either shop bought pom poms or handmade ones (for how to make pom poms with a folk, please read this post), and of course, you can sew them on a scarf instead of a snood. So… are you ready for the tutorial?

You’ll need:

Pom Pom Snood
  • snood/scarf
  • pom poms (I used 46 pom poms, about 1.6cm diameter each)
  • thread and needle


Pom Pom Snood 2

First of all, my snood is made of very thin material (it’s see-through, you see?); I hemmed the edges so that it could hold the pom poms’ weight. If your snood/scarf is on a thin side, I recommend hemming it first.

Pom Pom Snood t1

1) Thread a needle and knot the end. Enter the needle from the edge of the hem, and exit out the needle from the other edge of the fabric.

*By the way, I’m using the cotton fabric for the tutorial because it’s so much easier to see.

Pom Pom Snood t2

2) Thread the needle through a pom pom. Make sure you sew through the knot in the pom pom that ties yarns together.

Pom Pom Snood t3
Pom Pom Snood t4

3) Enter the needle right next to where the needle exited, and exit out the needle right next to where the needle entered.

Pom Pom Snood t5

The thread won’t show because the pom pom is fluffy :)

Pom Pom Snood t6

4) Enter the needle right next to where the needle exited at step1.

Pom Pom Snood t7

5) Make a knot, cut the excess thread and one pom pom is now firmly on the snood.

Pom Pom Snood t8

It looks like this on the right side of the snood. Repeat the process to sew on all the pom poms!

Pom Pom Snood 1
Pom Pom Snood 2

I love how it turned out; it’s so colourful and playful! The scary thing is that the more I play around with pom poms, the harder it gets to stop making pom poms. Mr T is worried that our cottage would soon be filled with pom poms! Mmmm… can’t promise that won’t happen.

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