Feb 24 2012

Nail Art: Multi-Colour Jaggy Nails

Jaggy Nails 1
Jaggy Nails 2

I was in ‘non-girly nail art, please’ mood today; I wanted something quick and simple, definitely wanted to use blue and black polishes, maybe with a bit of glitters or rhinestones. And here are my nail art for this week :)

What I used (from left):

Jaggy Nails polish
  • Glitter
  • miss sporty / 12
  • Canmake / 50
  • miss sporty / 80
  • miss sporty / 03

To get the look:

1) Apply two coats of 03.

2) Cut jaggy lines out of masking tapes to make templates.

3) Stick the masking tapes on your nails, then apply 80 on thumb and little finger, 50 on index finger and 12 on middle finger. For the ring finger, apply thick coat of top coat first, then add glitters on top.

4) While the polishes are still wet, take off the masking tapes.

5) Apply top coat.

Jaggy Nails 4

I cannot live without masking tapes now; I don’t have to worry about messing the design, easy to paint even with my left hand, and it saves so much time! So, my advice today is… always have masking tapes at hand. Always!

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  1. I know, I sometimes feel like doing ‘non girly girl’ nail art, too :) Thanks Amanda for stopping by!

  2. this is so cool!, and also, finally some non girly girl nailpolish yay!

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