Feb 29 2012

Craft Tutorial: Pearl Stacking Rings

Pearl Stacking Rings

Hello lovelies, did you enjoy the leap-year day? I have a fun tutorial for the special day, and it’s about everything I love; pearls, simple and delicate rings, quick and easy crafts. I love fresh water pearls and can’t get enough of them, but if you are not so much of a fan, you can replace the pearls to any beads you like, of course :)

1: Tiny fresh water pearl ring (approx time required: 5 mins)

Pearl Stacking Rings 1

You’ll Need:

  • fresh water pearls (I’m using 1mm pearls)
  • 1 crimp bead
  • bead string cord, about 10cm
  • pair of flat-nose pliers




1) Thread pearls to the bead sting cord. I put a piece of masking tape at the end of the cord so that the beads won’t fall off.

2) When you finish threading enough beads to go around your finger, thread a crimp bead with both ends of sting cord.

Pearl Stacking Rings 1-4

3) Pull the ends of cords so that the beads form a tight hoop. Using flat-nose pliers, squeeze and close the crimp bead. Trim the excess cords, and you’re done!

2: Simple wire ring with a fresh water pearl

(approx time required: 3 mins)

Pearl Stacking Rings 2

You’ll Need:

  • 1 fresh water pearl (I’m using 5mm pearl)
  • beading wire, about 10cm
  • pair of flat-nose pliers
  • wire cutters


Pearl Stacking Rings 2-1Pearl Stacking Rings 2-2

1) Thread a pearl to the beading wire. The thicker the wire, the stronger the ring becomes. But fresh water pearls usually have tiny holes, and the only wire that fit mine was 26 gauge Artistic Wire.

2) Place the beading wire around your finger to make a hoop.

Pearl Stacking Rings 2-3Pearl Stacking Rings 2-4

3) Using flat-nose pliers, wind the end of the wire tightly to the main hoop for about 3-4 times.

4) Trim the excess with a wire cutter, and squeeze down the newly cut tip to make it lie flat. Repeat step 3 for the other end of the wire, and you’re done!

3: Chain ring with a beaded ball

 (approx time required: 10 mins)

Pearl Stacking Rings 3

You’ll Need:

  • 12 pearls (I’m using 2mm plastic pearls)
  • bead string cord, about 15cm
  • 1 jump ring
  • chain, about 5cm
  • pair of flat-nose pliers

* If you are using fresh water pearls, make sure that you can thread the beading string 3 times in one pearl. My fresh water pearls were not big enough, thus the plastic pearls (shame!).


Pearl Stacking Rings 3-1Pearl Stacking Rings 3-2

1) Thread 4 pearls to the beading string, then pass through the first bead. I know, you can’t really see the string in the photos… sorry!

2) Thread one pearl on each string (5 & 6), then pass through 7.

Pearl Stacking Rings 3-3Pearl Stacking Rings 3-4

3) Thread one pearl on each string again (8 & 9), then pass through 10.

4) Thread 11th pearl, and pass through 3. Tread 12th pearl (sorry, not in the photo) and pass through the other end of string.

Pearl Stacking Rings 3-5Pearl Stacking Rings 3-6

5) Pull both ends tight, and now you have a beaded ball looking like this. Make a tight knot, and pull the strings through a few beads so that the knot will be located inside the bead. Trim the excess strings.

6) Add the end of a chain to a bent wire or cord.

Pearl Stacking Rings 3-7Pearl Stacking Rings 3-8

7) Thread the wire and the chain through the beaded ball, and take the wire off.

8) Using flat-nose pliers, connect the jump ring and the chain. Adjust the size of the ring, and you’re done!

Pearl Stacking Rings 13
Pearl Stacking Rings 11

I love the wire ring with a big pearl, but I must admit that it’s quite bendy. Is there any way to widen fresh water pearls’ holes? Am I supposed to use an awl…? Anyways, hope you enjoyed the tutorial :)

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9 Commnents to “Craft Tutorial: Pearl Stacking Rings”

  1. Really cute ! I think I like the streach thread better though , my knuckles are large as I have aruthitus if I use the streach thread they stay in place and easy fit over my knuckles ! Thanks for the idea !

  2. I make a lot of these with elastic. I also make toe rings like these with the elastic. For the chain pear ring you can also just open the chain and attach it together instead of using a jump ring.

  3. Thanks so much for the tips and suggestions, Carol! I’ve never hardened wire by hammering it before, so I should give it a go! Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Hi Emi!
    three thoughts:
    1 – you can harden wire by hammering it with a soft mallet, but it won’t harden too much. You can by wire that is “harder”
    2 – when crimping, there is a specific tool for crimping and it leaves a rounder crimp, that might be more comfortable to wear.
    3 – Adding some smaller beads to either side of the pearl would look nice too!
    Nice ideas, Happy Crafting!

  5. Don’t worry about the name, Katie :) I’m really happy to hear that the tutorial is helpful! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh no! I’m sorry, I got your name wrong, Emi. Rest assured I know it now.

  7. Umi – these are adorable!! I am just starting to make little jewelry trinkets, and I didn’t realize what crimp beads could do. Thank you for writing this lovely tutorial :) I’ll probably be trying to make my own soon!

  8. Thank you for letting me know, Divya! I’ll get a reamer and try it on the pearls:)

  9. Hey, you can either use a reamer (if you have one) or use an awl to widen the hole. But with the awl you must patient and widen the hole , a little at a time

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