Mar 01 2012

Craft Tutorial: Glitter Heart Shoe Clips

Heart Shoe Clip 21

Happy March everyone! Today I have a fun and messy project for you. I have been a huge fan of Vivienne Westwood for the past 15 years (wow, didn’t realise it’s been that long since then…), and ever since I saw their ‘Lady Dragon Shoes’ collection I’ve been in love with them.

Heart Shoe Clips vivienne

This is the Lady Dragon Shoes, £120 (photo credit: Vivienne Westwood). My best mate got married in these (but in white version), and yes, they were the talk of the day! The problem was, I already owned a pair that looked exactly the same except for the heart, and no, I didn’t want to spend another £120 for the heart…

Heart Shoe Clips bando

Then I found these lovely shoe clips by (photo credit: Yes, I finally found the alternative; shoe clips…!!!

Heart Shoe Clips 16

And here comes my version. Ahhhhh, glitter heaven…! So, let’s get cracking, shall we?

You’ll need:

Heart Shoe Clips tool
  • a pair of shoe clips
  • felt
  • glitter
  • tailor’s chalk / pen
  • spray glue
  • heart stencil

(not in the photo)

  • a pair of flat-nose pliers
  • hot glue gun
  • clear nail polish (use the cheapest one you can get)
Heart Shoe Clips 2

You can download the heart stencil from here. There are two versions of hearts for you to choose from; I chose the left, the chubby one.

Heart Shoe Clips 1

And for the shoe clips, mine look like these. If your shoe clips are the same type as mine, you can 1) use hot glue, 2) sew it on or 3) tack it on (which I did).


Heart Shoe Clips 3Heart Shoe Clips 4

1) Download the heart stencil (from here), print out and cut out. Retrace it four times on a sheet of felt, then cut out the pattern. When cutting out, make two hearts slightly smaller than the stencil.

2) Place the clips on the smaller hearts.

Heart Shoe Clips 5Heart Shoe Clips 6

3) Turn them upside down, and bend the prongs of the clips with flat-nose pliers.

4) In a well-ventilated area, spray the glue on the bigger hearts.

Heart Shoe Clips 7Heart Shoe Clips 8

5) And glitter them! Make sure you use the spray glue and glitter in a box or plastic bag, otherwise your family will have every reason to hate you :)

6) I did a second coat of glitter (just repeated step 4 &5) so that my hearts won’t be floppy.

Heart Shoe Clips 9Heart Shoe Clips 10

7) Gently shake off the excess glitter, and seal the glitter with a clear nail polish. I used more than half a bottle (quite a lot), just in case I won’t loose the glitter on the street.

8) Set aside to dry overnight.

Heart Shoe Clips 11Heart Shoe Clips 12

9) Apply hot glue to the smaller hearts (on the prongs’ side).

10) Place them on the wrong side of the bigger hearts, and you’re done!

Heart Shoe Clips 13

I might make another pair using spangles instead of glitter (like the ones from, because these clips are so easy to make!

Heart Shoe Clips 14

So, these are my beloved pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes, turning to…

Heart Shoe Clips 15

Lady Dragon Shoes :) Maybe I should’ve chosen different colour (gold, maybe?), but I wanted red hearts!

Heart Shoe Clips 17

I wanted red hearts for this pair. Aren’t they just darling?

Heart Shoe Clips 19
Heart Shoe Clips 20

I need some music to dance to!! Oh, I love it when a plan comes together… :)


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  2. I would sleep with them on my feet! Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my pink coffee tables – I like your blog & creativity a lot and now I’m a follower!

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