Mar 03 2012

Nail Art: Kate Spade inspired Nails

Kate Spade inspired Nails 2
Kate Spade inspired Nails 1

Today’s nail art is inspired by Kate Spade’s fall/winter 2012 collection.

Kate Spade inspired Nails 3
Kate Spade inspired Nails 4
Kate Spade inspired Nails 5
Kate Spade inspired Nails 6

The collection is full of colourful, gorgeous clothes that just make my mouth water!(Photo credit:

What I used (from left):

Kate Spade inspired Nails polish
  • Ducato / CH500
  • miss sporty / 80
  • miss sporty / 150
  • miss sporty / 312
  • Barry M / 134
  • Rimmel / Matte Finish

To get the look:

1) Apply one coat of base coat.

2) Apply two coats of CH500 on your thumb and ring finger, and two coats of 80 on the rest.

3) Cut out two pieces of masking tapes to make bow shaped stencils.

4) Stick the masking tapes on your thumb and ring finger. Apply 80, 150 and 312 on the thumb and 80, 312 and 134 on the ring finger.

5) While the polishes are still wet, take off the masking tapes.

6) Apply Matte Finish on index, middle and little fingers, and add rhinestones while the polish is still wet.

7) Apply top coat on thumb and ring finger.

Kate Spade inspired Nails 7

I love the combination of matte black polish and black rhinestones. And yes, as you can probably imagine, it requires quite complex masking tape cutting :) I really wish I was good at free-hand painting! Anways, have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!

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  1. Thanks Masa! Yes, my obsession for bows continues… :)

  2. great job as always. :) I especially love the bows. have a wonderful weekend too!

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