Mar 24 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Perfect Stripes

Nail Art Tutorial: Perfect Stripes, top

Have you ever tried painting stripy nails? Well, I have, but without much success. It’s easier to paint stripes with thin liners than normal brushes, but even so, it is really hard to achieve perfect straight lines. Then I came up with an idea one day; why not use masking tape? If masking tape is good enough for painting, it should be good enough for our nails, surely…? You might call it ‘cheating’, but hey, it works!

What I used

Nail Art Tutorial: Perfect Stripes, polish
  • TopShop / Sketch (on my nail & tutorial)
  • Miss Sporty / Fatal Black (on my nail)
  • Paul & Joe /012 (on my nail & tutorial)

What You’ll Need

  • cooking parchment, about 10cm x 15cm
  • masking tape, about 10cm long
  • ruler
  • pen
  • utility knife


Nail Art Tutorial: Perfect Stripes, 1

1) Stick masking tape on cooking parchment. Using a ruler, draw lines with 3mm gaps on the masking tape.

Nail Art Tutorial: Perfect Stripes, 2

2) Cut the masking tape along the lines with a utility knife. Try not to cut the cooking parchment so that each line peels off easily, like in the picture (top right side).

Nail Art Tutorial: Perfect Stripes, 3Nail Art Tutorial: Perfect Stripes, 4

3) Apply a base coat and two coats of 012.

4) When the polish is completely dry (when I say completely, it should be absolutely 100% dry), place the masking tapes on your nails. Make sure there is no space between your nails and masking tapes.

Nail Art Tutorial: Perfect Stripes, 5Nail Art Tutorial: Perfect Stripes, 6

5) Apply one coat of Fatal Black on the gaps. Don’t worry if the polish run off the masking tape. Be wild like me! If the polish looks too thin on your nails, apply second coat.

6) When the polish is completely dry (again, 100% dry), peel off the masking tapes. You will have uneven surface, especially when you apply two coats of second colour, but this will be smoothed perfectly when thick top coat is applied.

Nail Art Tutorial: Perfect Stripes, 7

This is how the stripy design looks on my real nails.

Nail Art Tutorial: Perfect Stripes, 8

The tips for creating perfect lines are: 1) apply light shade as a base colour, then darker shade as stripes. This will prevent you from applying thick coats for stripes; less coats means less uneven surface and less drying time 2) make sure that the polish is completely dry when placing masking tapes, otherwise the polish will come off with the tapes later 3) always smooth the surface with top coat.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and please ask me in comment section if you have any questions!

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  3. Thanks for stopping by, Kelsey :) Let me know how it turned out for you!!

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