Mar 14 2012

Miu Miu Knockoff Tutorial;
Ombre Rhinestone Earrings

Ombre Rhinestone Earrings 1
Ombre Rhinestone Earrings 2

Do you like rhinestones? And, do you have lots of nail polishes? If the answers were two yeses, then today’s knockoff is made for you :) I was browsing Miu Miu’s E-store recently, and found a gorgeous pair of earrings with primary coloured rhinestones.

Ombre Rhinestone Earrings miu miu

This is the original Miu Miu version, selling at lovely jubbly £110 (photo credit: Miu Miu). Lots of strong colours, yet very simple – and you know what, they are quite easy to make, too! So, ready for the tutorial?

What you’ll need:

Ombre Rhinestone Earrings tool
  • nail polishes (as many colour as you want)
  • rhinestone chains (adjust the length according to the number of polishes you want to use)
  • 4 end clamps
  • 2 rhinestone ear studs
  • 2 drop-shape beads (I used 8mm chalcedony drops)
  • beading wire
  • a pair of flat-nose pliers
  • a pair of round-nose pliers
  • a pair of wire cutters
Ombre Rhinestone Earrings tool2

I used these two types of ear studs (I used the left pair for the tutorial). Make sure you use ear studs that have hoops underneath the rhinestones!

Ombre Rhinestone Earrings polish
Ombre Rhinestone Earrings polish2

These are the nail polishes that I used. I chose to go for ‘ombre’ rather than primary colours.


Ombre Rhinestone Earrings t1

1) Apply nail polishes on the rhinestone chains. Yes, the stones are tiny and can be very fiddly…

Ombre Rhinestone Earrings t2Ombre Rhinestone Earrings t3

2) I applied the pink ones with the end clamps on, thinking they would give me some places to hold on to. But no, it didn’t really make any difference, and the clamps also got in the way while painting (dah!). Anyways, set them aside to dry.

3) When the polishes are completely dry, place the rhinestone chain into the end clamp.

Ombre Rhinestone Earrings t4Ombre Rhinestone Earrings t5

4) Fold over the prongs with flat-nose pliers.

5) Repeat this for the other end of the rhinestone chain.

Ombre Rhinestone Earrings t6Ombre Rhinestone Earrings t7

6) Thread a bead to the beading wire (about 10cm in length), and twist it once above the bead.

7) Trim one of the wires, and create a loop above the twist using round-nose pliers.

Ombre Rhinestone Earrings t8Ombre Rhinestone Earrings t9

8) Add the end of the rhinestone chain to the loop.

9) Wind the wire around 3-4 times below the loop.

Ombre Rhinestone Earrings t10

10) Attach the other end of the rhinestone chain to the hoop under the ear stud; slide the hoop open with flat-nose pliers, add the chain and slide it again to close. And… you’re done!

Ombre Rhinestone Earrings 6
Ombre Rhinestone Earrings 4

Oh, the colours are lush! I’m really happy that I chose to go for ombre :) Did you notice that I made both the pairs asymmetry? That’s because… well, I’m just that kind of lady!

Ombre Rhinestone Earrings 5
Ombre Rhinestone Earrings 7

Oh ombre, what am I gonna do without you, ey? Well, well, hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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12 Commnents to “Miu Miu Knockoff Tutorial;
Ombre Rhinestone Earrings”

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Jody! You can find these at shops like below:

    You have to check the size you want carefully, though. These have several sizes to fit different rhinestones.
    Hope this helps xx

  2. Well, I have looked and looked (online) and I can not find the End Clamps…where do you get them? Hoping you can help…

  3. These are so charming! I was a stricly ”gemstone” person, but lately I’m hooked on Rhinestones checking account is happier too). If I can locate the chains at a good cost and find those end clamps somewhere…this will be high on my list of things to do…(definately higher on the list than dishes and laundry)!
    Thanks for the great tutorial!

  4. That’s cool I love it, I will really make some for my collection, Thank you for some inspiration !!!

  5. Let me know how yours turns out; I’d love to know! Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. These are beautiful…I just bought a lot of chain and am planning to make these :)

  7. Hi Lena, I don’t know where you live, but if you live in the UK you can buy similar ones from here (check their ‘findings’ section):
    Alternatively, you can find really cute ear studs findings from Etsy. I bought the ear studs with pink rhinestones in Japan, though.

  8. This is really cute!! I want to do this. Where can I buy rhinestone earrings like that?

  9. Thank you for the kind comment, Susan! I still struggle while writing these instructions in English, but it’s all worth the effort to hear lovely comments from my readers :)

  10. Wow, you are so creative! I just found this blog today and have read several posts, all of which are great! I too try to figure out ways I can make stuff versus paying for it. I loved your nail polish tutorial on cutting out the shapes from dried paint, genius!! And your English is practically perfect. I couldn’t understand why you kept commenting on your English, until I read your entry about the tsunami, which was heart felt and moving, and realized you were Japanese. Most non-native English speakers use broken English, which can be hard to understand. However, your English flows very very well! When I have to type in a foreign language, I use Microsoft Word. After typing in your native language, use the ‘translate’ option under the ‘review’ tab to transcribe into any other language. It’s easy. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to more! Thanks for all the cool info!

  11. Thanks, Bev :) It’s quite fun to give rhinestones some colours, isn’t it? Thank you for stopping by!

  12. These are darling Emi!! I love the ombre look you did – I would never have thought of painting the rhinestones!!

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