Mar 16 2012

Marc by Marc Jacobs Inspired Tutorial;
Suede Bow Ring

Suede Bow Ring
Suede Bow Ring 2

Hello lovelies! I can’t believe that it’s Friday already… I’ve been busy trying to finish off some projects all week – 30% success, and the rest didn’t turn out as I hoped. Oh well, I’ll live. Anyway, my personal craft crisis aside, today’s tutorial is Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘inspired’ bow ring. The reason why it’s not a knockoff is… well, you’ll see.

Suede Bow Ring marcj
Suede Bow Ring marcj2

This is the original version, £44.69 (photo credit: It’s so cute I could eat it!!

I tried making the ring with polymer clay at first, but that didn’t work (it was one of the series of craft crisis, for sure) so instead I decided to use suede. And you know what, I actually love how it turned out. And the best part is that it’s ridiculously easy it should actually be called ‘lazy crafter’s ring’ :)

What you’ll need:

Suede Bow Ring tool
  • scissors
  • 4 strips of suede: A) 0.7 x 4cm, B) 0.9 x 7 cm (adjust the length to fit your finger), C) 0.5 x 10 cm, D) 0.8 c 10 cm
  • double-sided tapes


Suede Bow Ring t1

1) Apply double-sided tape on the wrong side of C, and stick it along the right side of D.

Suede Bow Ring t2Suede Bow Ring t3

2) Apply a small piece of double-sided tape at about 1cm above the end of C, then stick the opposite end (again, about 1cm from the bottom) to make a loop.

3) Turn it around, and apply a small piece of double-sided tape at the back as pictured.

Suede Bow Ring t4Suede Bow Ring t5

4) Stick the centre of the loop.

5) Apply double-sided tape on the end of A, and wrap it tightly around the middle of the bow. Gather the bow at the centre as you wrap A around, so that the bow becomes more 3-D. Trim the excess if needed.

Suede Bow Ring t6

6) Apply double-sided tape on the end of B, and make a loop.

Suede Bow Ring 5

7) Apply double-sided tape on the back of the bow, and attach it to the ring. And yes, you’re done!

Suede Bow Ring 3
Suede Bow Ring 4

I think it was the easiest project I’ve done so far! As you might already know, I am obsessed with bows, and I am going to make a necklace version as well (just addd a chain while wrapping A). Hope you enjoyed the tutorial :)


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