Mar 21 2012

Craft Tutorial; Plastic Animal Pin Cushion

Pin Cushion 1

Hello there! As you can see in the photo above, today’s tutorial is something that’s going to make you smile – llama and pin cushion, what’s there not to smile about :) Of course, it doesn’t have to be llama; any plastic animals that are stashed in your drawers or kids’ toy box, now is the time for them to be in the limelight!

* As I am writing this, I found out that my dear llama is actually an alpaca…! Poor alpaca, he is not supposed to work like llamas, no? Too late now!

What you’ll need:

  • plastic animal of your choice (mine is made by Schleich)
  • felt
  • pom pom trims and jacquard trim
  • double-sided tapes
  • felt ball, about 5 cm in diameter
  • hot glue gun


Pin Cushion t1

1) Cut out a piece of felt into an oval shape, apply double-sided tapes on pom pom trims and jacquard trim, then attach them to the felt. I also added a black and gold trim around the edge of the felt.

For the pin cushion, I’m using a needle & wet felted ball (wool felt will keep needles rust free), but you can use any type of pin cushion as long as it’s small enough for your plastic pal.

Pin Cushion t2

2) Apply double-sided tape on the wrong side of the felt, and attach it on the back of llama alpaca. You can use hot glue gun to attach the felt to the body as well, but I chose double-sided tape so that I’ll be able to take it off (one day I might want to free him from the labour, you know?).

Pin Cushion t3

3) Place a small amount of glue with hot glue gun on the middle of the trim (I put a bit too much there).

Pin Cushion 4

4) Place the felt ball, and voila, you’re done! Don’t you think he’s got a cute bum, by the way?

Pin Cushion t6

Oh, sweet llama alpaca, my craft space is going to look so much more cheerful now!

Pin Cushion 1

From this…

Pin Cushion 1

to this. Pretty awesome, right?

I’m in the middle of re-organising my craft space, and hopefully I can reveal it sometime next week (there were lots of failed painting attempts and crafty crisis…), and more plastic animals coming along the way, if you like it or not!

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37 Commnents to “Craft Tutorial; Plastic Animal Pin Cushion”

  1. I adore your llama and linked you at my blog here: . Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this idea. I have a cupcake pin cushion on my desk. I could always use another!

  3. Thank you very much for sharing this cute Tutorial! I like it very much. Inspiratet trough this I did a Version in my way… Look here if you want:
    I hope it is ok to make a link from my Blog to yours?
    Greetings from Germany,

  4. Thanks Jessicaj :)

  5. oh my yes! ball fringe is ridiculous and if i had ever seen a small plastic alpaca i would have def scooped it up! this is fantastic!

  6. Thanks Marlene :)

  7. This llama pincushion is the cutest! Lovely photos too. I’ve just featured this project in a roundup post on my blog:

  8. South American beast of burden! Well said, twirling betty :) One of my resolutions for this year is to do some proper exercise so that I’ll have better bum than my alpaca!

  9. This is one of the cutest and funniest things I’ve ever seen. LOVE IT. And yes, I do think your llama/alpaca/South American beast of burden has a cute bum.

  10. Yay!! Thank you Terry, hope you enjoy making them :)

  11. How cute is this? Love it! Yes, I will be making a couple of these.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thanks, Sandie! Hope you & your kiddlets enjoy making one :)

  13. oh man.. I was searching tiny craft spaces and this image of your alpaca came up.. GORGEOUS!! I really want to teach my kiddlets to do this.. I especially like that the alpaca remains unstabbed by pins – as I have always found that a faintly disturbing tendency in pincushions:) magic

  14. Thanks, Jill! I just went to see your blog, and wow, your pincushions are so beautiful!!! Real work of an artist!!!

  15. Oh my! This makes me so happy. I make a lot of pincushions but none have as cute a bum as this one does! Love it!

  16. Oh Mimi, lucky you have real alpaca! I’m really jealous!!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  17. This is so cute the only probulm is that i have real alpaca and i dont thank they will let me use them for a pin cushion so i will have to find a plsy one to use but i do love it

  18. Thanks Tara, and yap, it really cheers me up to see the alpaca on my craft desk :)

  19. Love this! It’s the most fun pin cushion I’ve ever seen.

  20. Thanks Alice! The beaded pins are dressmakers pins with beads threaded and glued. They are super easy to make :)

  21. love this! are the beaded pins just long headpins with beads glued to the top? very pretty!

  22. Thank you Melina :)

  23. Wow! So cute I love this and think they’d make great gifts for crafty pals

  24. Hope you’ll have fun making it :) Thanks for stopping by, Audrey!

  25. Such a cute little project! So fun, I love it :) Just discovered your blog, I’ll be coming back for sure ;)

  26. Hello Susan, unfortunately it’s an alpaca, not a camel – but he is a cutie whichever way, no? And yes, I myself should’ve started learning how to sew much earlier!

  27. A camel, what a cutie. Now to find a camel a cute as yours. A 4 yr. old sewing , great I love to hear that. I never did till late 40’s (im 72). You are a talent of original design. Thanks

    HAPPY EASTER to you & family.

  28. Oh Jenny, a frog with a hat sounds so cute! Also, it’s so cool that your 4-year-old is learning to sew already!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  29. This is not my usual style, but it’s just SO cute! My four-year-old is learning to sew, and I’m thinking of making us a pair of these. Maybe a frog with a hat (she loves green). Thanks for the inspiration. Just looking at all your colorful projects brightens my day :-)

  30. Thank you Katy! I’m so happy to hear that my alpaca made you smile :)

  31. This is one of the cutest and most original ideas I’ve seen in a while! Thanks for the inspiration and the smile :)

  32. Thanks Claudia :D

  33. Looks great!
    Fantastic idea!!!!

  34. Thank you Nina :) Hooray for alpaca!

  35. this is amazing. the cutest thing ever!

  36. I know, they have more potential than we thought, don’t they? Thanks for stopping by!

  37. who thought that you can actually turn plastic animals into something pretty? :)

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