Mar 22 2012

Craft Tutorial; Felt on Plastic Animals

Felt on Plastic Animals

Continuing from yesterday’s alpaca pin cushion tutorial, today I’m going to show you what you can do (and shouldn’t do) to innocent-looking plastic animals :)

[For bambi] What you’ll need:

  • plastic bambi (mine is made by Schleich)
  • small strip of felt
  • pom pom trim
  • needle and thread


1) Cut two pom poms from pom pom trim. Trim the pom poms if they are too big.

2) Sew them on the edge of the felt. Yes, you’re done!

Felt on Plastic Animals b2

It’s too easy to be called a tutorial, isn’t it? I just noticed that my bambi has quite an angry face – maybe I should have given him more Spring/Summer 2012 look…

OK, now we are moving on to ‘what you shouldn’t do’ tutorial – I really learned it the hard way!

Felt on Plastic Animals sheep

First of all, this is the original sheep toy. I like sheep in general, and I like the shape of the toy (the reason why I bought it) but I really, really don’t like the original face. ‘Maybe I should paint his face’, I thought. Then the mad idea came up in my head – why don’t I give him a real wool coat…?

Felt on Plastic Animals 1

Yap, I’ve done it. I like how it turned out (I think it looks cute in a very odd way) but Mr T was lost for words when he saw this. So… if you fancy giving your plastic animals some woolly love, follow the tutorial :)

[For sheep] What you’ll need:

  • plastic sheep (mine is made by Schleich)
  • wool fiber
  • black enamel paint / black nail polish
  • scissors


Felt on Plastic Animals t1

1) I started the process by painting the sheep with enamel paint. Don’t do this. Please. Really. You’ll see why…

Felt on Plastic Animals t2

2) I know, it looks so scary now. But even scarier photo is coming up next…

Felt on Plastic Animals t3

3) It looks just wrong!!! But, if you’d like to give your plastic pal a woolly coat, this it the step you should start from.

Wrap wool fibre around the sheep and gently stroke the wool in hot, soapy water. When the wool’s surface stops shifting, rub it hard until it holds together. When it’s felted enough, rinse the sheep in water and leave it to dry.

Felt on Plastic Animals t4

4) When it’s dry, it’s time to rescue your sheep.

Felt on Plastic Animals t5
Felt on Plastic Animals t6

5) Trim the unwanted wool off the sheep with scissors.

You can see how much paint has come off and how much wool fibre has stuck to the paint. This is why you should skip step 1 & 2. I was so naïve to think that the oil-based enamel wouldn’t come off…

Felt on Plastic Animals t7

6) So, this is another step you can skip. I cleaned the body with nail polish remover.

Felt on Plastic Animals t8

7) Paint the body with enamel paint or nail polish. I used nail polish because the rid of the enamel paint was stuck and I couldn’t open it (another mild disaster). When it’s dry, you’re done! I used double-sided tape to stick the wool above the head, by the way.

Felt on Plastic Animals 2

So… do you like the transformed version better than the original? I really like the new version of him, and it feels like he is really ‘mine’ now.

I made a lot of silly mistakes during the process, but it was quite fun to wet felt the poor sheep (the photo of step 3 never fail to make me laugh).

Felt on Plastic Animals 3

One more photo of alpaca and bambi – don’t they look so cute together? Another plastic animal-related post is coming up tomorrow (yes, again!), so get your animals ready!

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8 Commnents to “Craft Tutorial; Felt on Plastic Animals”

  1. This tutorial made me so happy, I don’t even know why. Maybe the cuteness overload, maybe the new little identity of this tiny sheep, regardless I just love it all around. I’m happy I stumbled here, I will be back, you have quiet the talent.

    Also I liked the little nose rub off, it kinda gave him character. Thanks for the smile.

  2. Hello jet! You can subscribe to Small Good Things via RSS; click the RSS button at the top right side of the blog (just above where it says ‘Popular Post’). You’ll find three small buttons there, and the left one is for RSS (the middle one is for Twitter, and the right one is for Pinterest). Come back to me if you have problem :)

  3. LOL awesome!!! i love those tiny plastic animals and i always come back at home with new ones to make some thing strange of them.
    i love this cutie, well done.
    I have a question, i want to become a reader of you, but i don’t know if you send them by mail as well, and how must i arange that?
    thank you for the sharing and the great tute you’ve made!!!!

  4. This is so clever! But I have to admit, even though I know it is just a plastic sheep, I was scared for it when it had wool all over its face like that. Ha ha.

    I just went out and bought a Jersey Cow, a baby t-rex, and a tiger cub. My kids ran off with the two last ones. But I am definitely going to turn the cow into an awesome pincushion holder.

  5. Thank you Aida!

  6. All of this is carzy adorable! I’m so glad I stumbled over your blog, you have the best ideas :)

  7. Oh yes, I can see an army of bambis, all wearing different coloured scarves! Could you bring back Christmas for me? Now, please? Anyway, I think it’ll be a perfect first-time wet felting project, too; all you have to do is to rub your plastic pal :) Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I have an obsession with plastic animals and altering them. The pom pom Bambi would be so cute at Christmas/Holiday time – a bunch of them with different colored pom pom scarves standing aroun. Also, I’ve never done felting, but feel this would be a good first project to try. What’s the worst thing that could happen? I’d give the sheep a bad haircut.

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