Mar 23 2012

Craft Tutorial; Plastic Animal Ring Holder

Plastic Animal Ring Holder 5

Hello lovelies! Hope you are not sick of plastic animals yet, because today’s tutorial will show you how to turn ordinary plastic animals into ring holders – something fun and very practical. If you missed other plastic animals-related projects, please visit these posts: Alpaca Pin Cushion Tutorial and Felt on Plastic Animals Tutorial.

What you’ll need:

  • plastic cat(s) (mine is made by Schleich)
  • enamel paint / nail polish

[optional from here]

  • masking tapes
  • double-sided tape / hot glue gun
  • pushpins


Plastic Animal Ring Holder t1

1) Paint your cats with enamel paints or nail polishes. I’m using plastic cats that I painted with nail polishes about 3 years ago.

Plastic Animal Ring Holder t2

2) I still liked the colours, but I wanted to give them a new look, so decided to paint the tips of their tails. If you want to follow this ‘fancy tails’ look, simply wrap masking tapes around the tails and paint the tips.

Plastic Animal Ring Holder t3

3) Take the masking tapes off when the paints are dry, and… you’re done! If you want to add something extra, the tutorial continues after the images :)

Plastic Animal Ring Holder 4
Plastic Animal Ring Holder 7

My cats have small heads, so most of my rings can be hung on the necks as well as the tails. Good girls!

Plastic Animal Ring Holder t4

So, here is the ‘extra’. I have too many things around my desk at the moment, so I decided to put the ring holders on corkboard to save some desk space.

Simply attach two pushpins on the back of each cat with hot glue gun or double-sided tape. I chose double-sided tape because one day I might want to free them from the hard labour :)

Plastic Animal Ring Holder 1
Plastic Animal Ring Holder 2
Plastic Animal Ring Holder 3

Looking cute from every angle! My only worry is that I’m not sure how long the double-sided tape will hold (they are quite sturdy at the moment), but I cannot make myself hot-gluing pushpins to my kitties…

Anyways, no real animals were harmed during the process :) Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I NEED to do this with all the plastic dinosaurs I have lying around, this is pure genius!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring the ring holders, Sally!

  3. Hi Emi!
    This is fun!
    I blogged about it here

    Sally :0)

  4. Sounds like a really fun bathroom! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. I’m redoing my bathroom with bright cat silhouettes. Love this idea.

  6. Thank you :)

  7. These are so cute! I especially love them on the cork board

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  8. Hooray for cats & cat lovers :) Thanks for stopping by!

  9. OMGosh!! How adorable. I love cats and this idea is sooo cute. I found you on Flamingo Toes and I am a new follower. Come over and visit.

  10. Thank you Donatella!

  11. those are adorable!!! i might steal your idea!
    I found your blog on truebluemeandyou and love it!
    xox, d.

  12. I know, cats were perfect with heads and tails; at fist I thought about using Bambi, but his tail was useless and his head was too big! Good luck & thanks for stopping by!

  13. You’ve managed to do something I haven not seen with plastic animals! Such a clever idea to use them as jewelry holders. Now I’m wondering what animals I have with little heads and long tails…

  14. Thanks Masa :)

  15. genius! :D

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