Mar 27 2012

Cute Easter ‘Kyaraben’ Food Ideas

Easter is coming soon, and I’m dying to try some of the super-cute food I found via the internet. Whether you are a fan of ‘kyaraben (Japanese made-up word for decorated bento)’ or not, I’m sure these cuties will melt your heart!

Easter Kyaraben
Easter Kyaraben 10

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Let’s start with Easter eggs, shall we? If you are wondering how on earth the Japanese mums make such detailed patterns, they use mini food cutters and punchers (made specially for food). And without these cutters and punchers, it’s going to take me forever to make these darling rice balls…damn!

Easter Kyaraben 1
Easter Kyaraben 7

Next up, it’s chicks time! The first photo is made with quail eggs; I think I could make them quite easily, with black sesami eyes and carrot beaks. The second one is again rice balls (yes, Japanese love rice balls in bento!), and the pink ham bow is so cute I have to try!

Easter Kyaraben 5
Easter Kyaraben 4
Easter Kyaraben 3

What can I say? Awww, they are too cute to be true! Imagine you open a rid and see these cute rabbits in your lunch box as a child… (no, mum, I always loved your bento even though they weren’t decorated in such level!).

The rabbits in the first photo are made with sliced cheese (I think I could make these), and the rabbits in the second photo are made with sausages (I don’t think I can make these with British sausages…). The third one is… rice balls again (hooray for rice balls!), and I think I could manage these with ham cheeks and cheese ears.

Easter Kyaraben 2

And this is my absolute favourite – hello there, Miffy! And she even has a Miffy umbrella!! Miffy’s dress is made with Japanese omelette (completed with egg white button) and the ears are apparently stuck together to the face by dry spaghetti (very clever). And the cute umbrella is made with a fish cake.

So, did these cute kyaraben give you some inspirations on Easter treat? I still don’t know what I’m going to cook yet, though, because there are too many things I want to try!

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4 Commnents to “Cute Easter ‘Kyaraben’ Food Ideas”

  1. I know, they are amazing, aren’t they?! And oh, I wish I was good at Ikebana!

  2. Oh gosh, it´s to lovely, i love the details and the work of these food. well the japanese do alot of beautifull Art and design.. i am a lover of Ikebana too. Have a great time and thanks for visit my blog.

  3. My best advice would be to buy a cute bento box that makes you want to use it everyday, so that making bento wouldn’t be such a pain! I used to make bento everyday for my hubby; I just cooked something extra while cooking dinner the night before :)
    I found this cool blog about simple bento making – hope this will inspire you!

  4. awww! I especially love the 3rd pic with rabbits. I wanted to try bento for a while – to buy boxes and make some simple dishes I could take to school. do you have any tips for a noob? :)

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