Mar 30 2012

Vintage Finds…

Vintage Finds
Vintage Finds 7

My newest finds from vintage and antique shops in Brighton.

Vintage Finds 2

A letter ‘E’ stud, a new addition to my letter ‘E’ collection :)

Vintage Finds 5

A 13mm merry-go-round cabochon setting.

Vintage Finds 3
Vintage Finds 4

A brass brooch with a bow.

Vintage Finds 6

And… Guinness beer coasters. Love the colours!

I’m planning to go for another vintage hunting on the weekends (can’t wait!). Have a wonderful weekends, lovelies!

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2 Commnents to “Vintage Finds…”

  1. The setting is my favourite, too! It’s too cute I don’t think I’ll be able to use it :)

  2. amazing finds. I especially love the merry-go-round cabochon setting!

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