Apr 03 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Stripey Butterfly

Stripey Butterfly
Stripey Butterfly 1

Happy April, lovelies! Yes, the spring has come, and I was tempted to try a few nail art designs that shouts ‘Spring!’. I used the same handmade decal technique which I introduced in previous posts (triangle tutorial here and zigzag tutorial here), but with a bit of twist.

You’ll need:

  • nail polishes (for your base colour and gold + for decal)
  • round holographic glitters
  • 2 rhinestones
  • thin nail brush / toothpick
  • tea-off paper pallet
  • scissors
  • tweezers


1) Let’s start by making decals. Apply small amount of nail polish on the paper pallet, and let it dry (for more detailed instructions on how to make decals, please read this post).

Stripey Butterfly t1

2) When the polish is dry, draw a few lines with a white nail polish using a thin nail brush.

Stripey Butterfly t2

3) When the polish is completely dry (I mean, 100% completely dry), cut the dried polish into a shape of a butterfly with scissors. I cut it into a square first, then a bow-shape, and round off the edges.

Stripey Butterfly t4

3) Slowly peel the dried polish off from the paper pallet, and your decal is ready (see how tiny the butterfly is?). If the polish doesn’t peel off easily, the polish isn’t dry enough yet.

4) Apply nail polish for the base-colour (I’m using L’Oreal / 101) as you normally do, then place the decals with tweezers.

5) Using either a thin brush or a toothpick, draw ‘l’ on the centre of the butterfly, and ‘v’ above the ‘l’ with gold polish – now the butterfly is complete :)

6) For the index and little finger, place holographic glitters to make a bow, and add a rhinestone at the middle. For the ring finger, place holographic glitters into a flower-shape, then dab a bit of gold polish in the middle.

7) Apply a top coat to finish off.

Stripey Butterfly 6

It’s very springy, don’t you think? My only regret is that the stripes on the red butterfly is quite wonky… Also, because I used a lot of pale colours, it was so hard to take photos in a way that showed their true colours (it’s not me, it’s the colours, me think).

Anyway, I love evolving the decal technique, and hopefully I’ll come up with other fun ways to use them. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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