Apr 06 2012

Pinterest Pics that Make Me Smile

Pinterest Pics

Hello lovelies, hope you are having a wonderful Good Friday! I don’t really know how to properly celebrate Easter (I mean, I am a Japanese after all), but I am well stocked with egg and bunny shaped chocolates to last till Monday :)

Anyway, today’s post is something I’ve been planning to do for quite a while; these are stuffs I found via mighty Pinterest that made me smile and laugh. I must warn you first that if you are very easily offended, some of the images might be a bit offensive – contains some mildly offensive words and mild (?) nudity. So… here we go!

Pinterest Pics 1

Naughty cat card by Lazy Oaf via Emi (yap… me)

Pinterest Pics 2

AT-AT armed dog by Oliver and Lyvia via Steve Mendonca 

Pinterest Pics 3

A bit wrong but well-expressed lines by Brown Button via Tracey Mahr

Pinterest Pics 4

A cat artwork by Tomoko Nagai via Anne Louise

Pinterest Pics 5

Exhibitionist Coffee Cup by Brock Davis via Olga Land

Pinterest Pics 6

Bicycle riding Shiba inu by Next Nature  via Emi (ah… me, again)

Pinterest Pics 7

An illustration by Oliver and Lyvia via Anne Louise

My favourite is… I don’t know, my love is torn between Shiba inu and the cat card! I will try and teach my mum-in-law’s Shiba how to ride a bicycle like that the next time I see her :)

Anyways, come and check my pin boards here, and I’d be pretty pleased if you follow me! Have a wonderful Easter!

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2 Commnents to “Pinterest Pics that Make Me Smile”

  1. Haha, another card should read ‘I will destroy your beauty sleep, because I just want’ :) Have a wonderful holiday, too!

  2. Love cats and the cat card. Another cat card should read, “I will destroy everything you own, but you will still love me.” Have a wonderful holiday :)

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