Apr 27 2012

Kyoto in Pink: Heian Shrine

Heian Shrine

Hello lovelies! I’m very sorry for my long absence; I am finally back from Japan, and yes, I’m suffering from severe jet lag and the thought of editing nearly 300 photos (I’m not kidding here) makes me want to stay in bed forever…

Anyways, quick updates before I start bombarding you with photos of Kyoto.

  • After 2 weeks’ stay in Japan, my skinny jeans refuse to fit beyond my thighs. Fine. I tried on ‘non-skinny’ ones and they still refuse to fit. What have I done…?
  • Mr T and I came home to find our fridge has stopped breathing cold air. Everything in the fridge and the freezer had, of course, gone bad. I’m not sad, I’m just tired…
  • We forgot to bring back SIM cards for our mobile phones. No business calls, haha…

Now you got the idea why I long to stay in bed, no?

Heian Shrine 1


Heian Shrine22
Heian Shrine 3
Heian Shrine 4

Today I’m sharing photos of Heian Shrine. I’ve visited Kyoto countless times, but it was my first time to visit this vivid red shrine (there are about 2500 shrines and temples in Kyoto alone!).

Heian Shrine 6
Heian Shrine 10


Heian Shrine23
Heian Shrine24


Once you step inside the garden, you’d be surprised how big it is – and, of course, how beautiful it is. Everything seems to be carefully architected; the combinations of the colours of the trees and flowers, how the vivid coloured buildings fade to be replaced by the much older buildings, and the way buildings and the plants reflect on the lakes.

Heian Shrine 12
Heian Shrine 14
Heian Shrine 15

I passionately hate the word ‘breathtaking’ (I don’t know why, I just do) but that’s the only word I can think of to describe the scenery there.

Heian Shrine 16

On the way out, I found these cherry-blossom-ish trees near the gate; can you guess what they are?

Heian Shrine 17

They are ‘Omikuji’, fortune-telling papers attached to trees! Usually, white papers are used for Omikuji, but in April they use pale-pink papers to resemble cherry blossoms. One of my fortune-tellings said ‘Try not to be penny wise and pound foolish’ – OK, I’m going to be a posh shopper from now on!

I will be sharing more photos from the trip in the next couple of posts; hope I’m not going to bore you to death!


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  1. Thanks Sara!

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful impressions of Kyoto

  3. I know, the shrine is beautiful, isn’t it? I think Heian Shrine is one of the most popular shrines in Kyoto during the cherry blossom season, but on other times I don’t know (just because it’s quite newly built and older ones are more popular). I really recommend visiting there on any season, though!

  4. Oh wow! Heian Shrine looks incredible! Is Heian Shrine one of the more popular shrines in Kyoto?


  5. Lovely! My parents thought Kyoto was breathtaking on the trips they took there.

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