Apr 29 2012

Kyoto in Pink: Shogun-zuka & Nijo Castle


Shogun-zuka & Nijo Castle 5

Continuing from yesterday’s ‘Kyoto in Pink’ post, today I’m sharing some photos from Shogun-zuka and Nijo Castle.




Shogun-zuka & Nijo Castle7
Shogun-zuka & Nijo Castle 1

First let me introduce you to the view of Shogun-zuka. It’s situated on a mountain, and you can look down on the entire city of Kyoto and a part of Osaka from there; it is said that Emperor Kanmu, while looking down on the same view from here, decided to shift capital to Kyoto from Nagoya in 794.

Also, there are two observatories at Shogun-zuka, which enabled me to see the cherry blossoms from above. It almost looked like a pink sea!

Shogun-zuka & Nijo Castle 3

It’s so pretty in pink – but the last time I visited there two and a half years ago, it looked totally different.

Shogun-zuka & Nijo Castle 9

Yap, it’s so darn pretty in autumn, too! All I saw at the time was these red maples, and I didn’t even realise they had cherry trees there as well.

Shogun-zuka & Nijo Castle14


Shogun-zuka & Nijo Castle 13

We only stayed in Kyoto for one night, and we were not going to miss night cherry blossom light-up. We headed to Nijo Castle (Nijo-jo) and it was packed with like-minded people – and I don’t blame them because it was absolutely stunning!

Shogun-zuka & Nijo Castle 10
Shogun-zuka & Nijo Castle15


Shogun-zuka & Nijo Castle 11

We weren’t allowed to use tripod (too many people there) so that trying to take decent photos was really difficult (millions of blurred photos, tick!). These pale pink and white blossoms looked as if they were floating in the dark, and it was so beautiful and awe-inspiring.

I think I’m going to post one or two more posts on Kyoto; I say ‘I think’ because I don’t want to bore you with all these photos (don’t tell me it’s too late!). Anyways, have a lovely weekend, lovelies!


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