Apr 30 2012

Miyama, a Nostalgic Village in Kyoto

Miyama 10

Happy Monday, lovelies! Today I’m going to share you some photos of Miyama, a small village in Kyoto.

Miyama 2
Miyama 8
Miyama 6

Miyama is about 90 minutes drive away from Kyoto station, hidden in deep mountains. It is famous for their thatched-roof houses, and yes, these traditional Japanese houses are so rare nowadays.

Miyama 11
Miyama 4

Most of them are private houses, but some of them are museums and small shops so that you can go inside and look at the structures.

Miyama 1

The house on the left in the photo above is the restaurant where we had our lunch; I believe that it was the only restaurant in the area. The food? Super fresh, hand-kneaded soba noodles, yum!


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  1. Thanks Amanda, and yap, I LOVE tilt shift photos, too! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. oh my goodness i love tilt shift photos they are soooo adorable. it makes everything look like small good things! looks like you had a great time!

  3. Thank you Sara!

  4. beautiful pictures, have a great time

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