May 01 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Multi-Coloured Stars

Multi-Coloured Stars
Multi-Coloured Stars 2

Happy May, dear readers! I can’t believe that it’s already May – it feels like I just had my Christmas dinner last month!

For this week’s nail art, I’m using the same handmade decal technique which I introduced in previous posts (triangle tutorial here and zigzag tutorial here), but with an extra help from a new crafty tool I brought back from Japan.

You’ll need:

  • nail polishes (for your base colour and for decals)
  • 1mm round holographic glitters
  • 1mm metal studs
  • tear-off paper pallet
  • star-shaped puncher
  • tweezers
Multi-Coloured Stars polish

I used Smelly / 32 (left) on my index, middle and little fingers, and miss sporty / French Manicure 03 on my thumb and ring finger.

To get the look:

1) Let’s start by making decals. Apply small amount of nail polish on the paper pallet, and let it dry (for more detailed instructions on how to make decals, please read this post).

Multi-Coloured Stars t1

2) When the polishes are completely dry, cut them into star shapes using a puncher.

3) Slowly peel the dried polish off from the paper pallet, and your decal is ready. If the paper pallet doesn’t peel off easily, the polishes aren’t dry enough yet.

4) Apply nail polish for the base colour as you would normally do on your thumb and ring finger, then place the decals with tweezers.

5) For the index, middle and little fingers, draw half circles, then add metal studs at the bottom lines.

6) Place holographic glitters on your thumb and ring finger.

7) Apply a top coat to finish off.

Multi-Coloured Stars 3

I have another star-shaped puncher, but the star was too big for my nails; I was over the moon when I found the new puncher which came with much smaller stars (you can see another nail art using bigger star puncher here).

I think I’m going to have quite a lot of fun using the puncher – it feels a bit like cheating using a puncher and decal technique, though, because they make my nail art life so much easier :) Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!


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  1. Thank you Dee :) Hope you like the decal tutorial, too!

  2. What a cute idea. I am going to check out your tute on making the decals.
    I follow bev’s blog and hopped over to see the swap and of course had a look around while visiting.

  3. Very very cute !!!

  4. Thank you Sara :)

  5. welcome back ;-) Beautiful like always. love yout nail artwork !!!!

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