May 10 2012

Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Peyote Bezel

Sachet with Peyote Bezel

Have you prepared something special for Mother’s Day yet? I already ordered nice flowers to be sent at both my mum’s and my mother-in-law’s in Japan. But being a crafter, I also wanted to make something – the problem was that my mum-in-law was gazillion times better at most crafts than me… Oh, the pressure!

So, after a long thought I decided to make something useful, and something she wouldn’t think of making herself (or so I’m hoping!). Sachets with cute peyote bezels, here they come!

You’ll Need:

  • 4 pieces of fabric (2 for the outer, and 2 for the inner bag), 8.5 x 16cm each
  • 2 cord/trim, 23 cm each
  • beading thread and needle
  • seed beads
  • 1 cabochon
  • glue

* The final size of the sachet is 6.5x 14cm. You can adjust the size (and the length of the frill on top) accordingly.


Sachet with Peyote Bezel t1Sachet with Peyote Bezel t2

1) Let’s start by making a peyote bezel. Mark a piece of fabric with a pen (for the front piece) where you want the bezel to be, and adhere a cabochon with glue. I’m using a piece of felt only for the tutorial, by the way.

2) Thread a needle and tie a knot in the end. From the bottom of the cabochon, pass needle up through the fabric, right next to the edge of the cabochon.

Sachet with Peyote Bezel t3Sachet with Peyote Bezel t4

3) Pick up 4 seed beads.

4) And pass needle back through the fabric at the edge of the fourth bead.

Sachet with Peyote Bezel t5Sachet with Peyote Bezel t6

5) Pull the thread tightly.

6) Pass needle back up through the fabric, between the second and the third bead. Pass the needle through the third and fourth bead.

Sachet with Peyote Bezel t7Sachet with Peyote Bezel t8

7) Pull the thread. Now the beads are attached firmly to the fabric.

8) Repeat the step 3 to 7 until the cabochon is surrounded by beads.

Sachet with Peyote Bezel t9Sachet with Peyote Bezel t10

9) Now, continue the backstitch all around the cabochon again, but this time passing through the beads that aren’t sawn on to the fabric.

10) Next, pass the needle through the first bead.

Sachet with Peyote Bezel 11Sachet with Peyote Bezel 12

11) Pick up one bead, skip the next bead and pass needle through the next bead.

12) It looks like this now. I’m using a different coloured bead for the tutorial, but you can continue using the bead you used for the first row.

Sachet with Peyote Bezel 13Sachet with Peyote Bezel 13

13) Continue to add beads following the step 11 and 12 until you complete the second row.

It looks like this from the side.

Sachet with Peyote Bezel 14Sachet with Peyote Bezel 15

14) Pass the needle through the first bead of the second row.

15) Pick up one bead, and pass needle through the next bead.

Sachet with Peyote Bezel 16

16) Repeat the step 15 all the way around. Add more rows if your cabochon is taller. Pass needle through all the beads again, weave back down through the fabric, and tie a knot.

Sachet with Peyote Bezel 17

17) Now now, let’s move on to making a sachet (phew!). Fold each top edge down 1cm and press. With right sides together (for both outer and inner bags), stitch sides and bottom together using a 1cm seam. For the outer bag, leave 1cm gaps below the 1cm fold (the blue parts). The gaps are where the draw stings will be. Oh, and trim the corners so that they’ll turn out nicely.

Sachet with Peyote Bezel 18

18) Turn the outer bag inside out and press. For the inner bag, press the seams open.

Sachet with Peyote Bezel 19

19) Place the inner bag inside the outer bag. I wanted to show a bit of inner bag at the top, so I pinned it leaving about 2mm edge.

Sachet with Peyote Bezel 20

20) Stitch all the way around closed to the top edge, 1cm from the top and 2cm from the top. Sadly, the sachet was too small for my sewing machine so that I had to use my very poor hand stitch technique.

Sachet with Peyote Bezel 21

21) Thread your cords, and you’re done!

Sachet with Peyote Bezel 4Sachet with Peyote Bezel 5

I should have used smaller beads for the floral sachet, but I couldn’t wait until the beads arrived (Mother’s Day won’t wait for me, after all).

Sachet with Peyote Bezel 2

So, what are the sachets for? I made them to fit omamori (Japanese amulets). Japanese people usually buy omamori each year from temples and shrines for luck, general blessings and protection, and carry them around in bags or cars.

I keep mines in my daily bag, but… I hate to say this, but I got bored of the design, the similar look year after year… I love how the sachets turned out, and hope my mums are going to feel well protected with these cuties :)

Sachet with Peyote Bezel 3

But of course, you could use them for anything you’d like. I’m planning to make another one in much bigger size, but these peyote bezels look so cute on small sachets… Oh, the dilemma!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the (lengthy, I know) tutorial :)

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have been wanting to learn how to do this for a very long time. Thank you so much for the detailed photos those really help me out alot.

    Also I just love the cute dainty seed bead rings!

    I do believe that you have just found a new fan!

  2. Ere the best one..God BlessReally love your site and the easy instructions on the sachet with peyote bezel.. I have been wanting to learn this for a long time and your instructions

  3. Thanks Bev! Hope my mums will like them :)

  4. These are really pretty Emi!! I didn’t know how to do the beading around the cabachon – thanks for the great tutorial!

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