May 15 2012

Les Nereides Knockoff Tutorial:
Voluptueuse et Vaporeuse Earrings

Les Nereides Knockoff

It’s been quite a while since I did a knockoff tutorial, and I’m really excited to introduce today’s knockoff earrings from Les Nereides. Well, it’s more of an ‘inspired’ version rather than a knockoff, but hope you’ll like my version, too :)

Les Nereides Knockoff

These are the original version, a gorgeous pearl drop earrings (sold at €85 at Olivolga: photo from These enamel flowers add so much elegance and wow-ness to simple pearls, don’t you think? Well, if you are tempted, here is the tutorial!

What you’ll need:

Les Nereides Knockoff tool
  • 2 pearls (I’m using 12mm glass pearls)
  • a pair of earwires
  • 3 bead caps
  • 2 headpins
  • glass glue

(not in the photo)

  • rhinestones (I’m using rhinestones for nail art)
  • small piece of Styrofoam
  • 2 pins
  • flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers and wire cutters


Les Nereides Knockoff t1

1) Cut and separate the leaves from a bead cap.

Les Nereides Knockoff t2

2) Set the pearls in place on the Styrofoam with pins. Place bead caps and glue them on each pearl. Wait until the glue is set (the glue I used needed about 1hour in the sun to set).

Les Nereides Knockoff t3

3) Glue the leaves on the pearls.

Les Nereides Knockoff t5

4) Add some rhinestones, and set aside until the glue is set.

Les Nereides Knockoff t6

5) Place the head pins, and bend them at 90 degrees angle.

Les Nereides Knockoff t7

6) Using round-nose pliers, bend the pins into loops.

Les Nereides Knockoff t8

7) Assemble the loops to the earwires, and you’re done!

Les Nereides Knockoff 2

So, what do you think? I never thought of cutting motifs out of bead caps, but I think they complement the pearls really well. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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28 Commnents to “Les Nereides Knockoff Tutorial:
Voluptueuse et Vaporeuse Earrings”

  1. these are beautiful and much prettier than the originals!

  2. I like your version better!

  3. I love these earrings, especially the use of the bead caps. Mine will be in silver.
    Thank you, Miriam.

  4. Marvelous! I will be making this very moment! Thanks! :)

  5. I have never left a comment before but your (I think) updating the earnings was brilliant. I will definitely give it a try. They are beautiful.


  6. What a fantastic idea, I can’t wait to try this, thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Hi SueT! I used a glass glue (as you can see in the photo under ‘what you’ll need’ title) which specialises gluing metal and glass. You can use any strong glue such as E6000. And yes, it’s better if glue doesn’t show – toothpick comes handy when applying glue :)

  8. oops…that was glue, not gue!

  9. beautiful! What kind of gue did you use and do you have to make sure it doesnt show?

  10. Simply brilliant! You know I have seen many designs by high end jewelers with wonderful metal designs on gemstones. But this way is so easy! Will share on my blog.

  11. I love these are so gifted.

  12. I actually like your version much better than the original, expensive ones. Very clever to have come up with the bead cap ides! Thank you.

  13. Before I began reading I actually thought the ones you made were the originals! Honestly I think yours are much prettier!

  14. Love them! They just went on my list of to make ASAP! Thank you so much for the idea…simple and beautiful!

  15. Wow! Yours are more gorgeous than the original ones! Thank you for the tutorial. Can’t wait to make them!

  16. Your version is far more lovely than your inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

  17. I can’t wait to make these! They are so beautiful and such a great use of all those bead caps I no longer use on beads. Thank you for sharing your secrets.

  18. really like this may try for gift to mother in law

  19. I usually don’t leave comments, but I am blown away by your ‘knock off’. I love anything different and elegant and you hit both of them out of the park! And they are easy to make! (Always a nice bonus) I will be checking out your blog for other great ideas!
    Thanks! Zonda

  20. Thank you, Ann L! Hope you can find these bead caps easily enough, and enjoy making the earrings :)

  21. Wow, who would have thought something so gorgeous could be so simple?! Now, to find bead caps like the ones you used! I can’t wait to make them.

  22. Thanks, Anne M :) Yes, these are really easy to make, and would be perfect Christmas presents! Hope you enjoy making some!

  23. I have just found this website, just in time for Christmas presents. Thank you I am inspired to try everything you have on here. :)

  24. Thank you Sara :) Also, hope you enjoy cutting the bead caps, Kristy! I must admit that it was quite satisfying in an odd way… :)

  25. This was such a fantastic tutorial! Thank you for sharing. Like, you I’d never thought of cutting motifs out of bead caps. I’m excited to try this myself on earrings and any other thing I can think of. Thanks again.

  26. very lovely . like it really, have a great weekend

  27. Thanks Masa :)

  28. I really love them! :)

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