May 16 2012

Best place to learn beading techniques

Since getting my hands on bead stitching for the first time in Sachet with Peyote Bezel Tutorial last week, I got hooked and I was all over the Internet to learn more about the stitching techniques.

As I was searching for clear and easy instructions, I came across this brilliant articles on beading how-to, hosted by a Japanese beading shop called Beads Factory. The instructions are created with Flash animations, and are perfect for first-time bead stitchers!

Since the website is entirely written in Japanese, I’ll guide you through it:

First, click here to enter the site.

beading techniques1
beading techniques2

There are instructions for 8 different beading techniques: I added the English titles for each stitch in blue, on the right side of the images. Click the brown, oval buttons next to the images to see each instruction.

So, shall we have a look at Peyote Stitch instruction? Click the oval button, where it says ‘click here’ in pink.

beading techniques3

This is where the magic happens! Click the pink oval button, where it says ‘click here’ in blue.

Aren’t they so brilliantly easy to understand? Hope these will help you learn some new techniques!


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