Mar 28 2011

Felt Ball Camera Strap

Felt Ball Camera Strap 1

Since I started this blog, my camera became a huge part of my everyday life. I always wanted to give it a ‘face lift’ somehow, but couldn’t think of how. Then an idea popped up in my head; my camera definitely deserves a new strap! I love the result, and can’t wait to go for a shooting trip!

Felt Ball Camera Strap 2

I made about 70 felt balls using bright yellow, blue, pink and black by needle felting, then sewed them together with extra-strong gold embroidery threads.

Felt Ball Camera Strap 3

They look like candies, don’t you think?

Felt Ball Camera Strap 4

The strap really sets off against the black coat. Hope it’ll match my colourful spring clothes too!

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