May 21 2012

Nail Art: Galaxy + Constellations

Galaxy + Constellations

Happy Monday, lovelies! Today happens to be my mum’s birthday, my best friend’s first wedding anniversary and solar eclipse – sounds busy right, but these things happened without me being there… in Japan (boo). And… if you lived in a place where you could see the ‘Ring of Fire’, I am really jealous!

Anyways, this week’s nail art is everything about stars – the galaxy and constellations. I know nothing about constellations, though, and had to do a bit of research first.

Galaxy + Constellations chart

I referred to this chart (image taken from here) which apparently shows how the constellations look during May in Japan (why Japan? Well, it was the easiest one to find for me!). So… are you with me? Pick your favourite stars and follow the how-to :)

What I used (from left):

Galaxy + Constellations polish

  • RIMMEL / 080 Black Cab
  • Paul & Joe / 018
  • RIMMEL / 239 Your Majesty
  • pa / slim 02
  • (not in the photo) sponge, piece of paper, rhinestones and round glitters

To get the look:

1) Apply top coat.

2) Apply two coats of 080.

3) When the nails are dry, dab other polishes on the base colour with sponge. For how to apply polish with sponge, please read this post.

4) Place rhinestones and glitters according to the constellations chart.

5) Draw lines between the rhinestones and glitters.

6) Apply top coat, and you’re done!

galaxyNail Art: Galaxy + Constellations


So, can you guess which constellations I drew on my nails? My only regret is using black polish as my base colour – I think I should have chosen dark blue instead of black, and maybe less silver glitter so that the galaxy looked a bit more galaxy-ish. Oh well, I have to try and master the art of galaxy sometime soon!

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