May 24 2012

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
Colored Brilliance Bowl

Colored Brilliance Bowl

I was trying to sort out my nail polish boxes the other day – I mean, some of the polishes were really old, nearly ten years old, all sticky and yuck… But still, I found it quite difficult to throw even these old ones away, and wanted to give them a final good use before saying good-bye. Then I found a perfect project, from no other than the lovely Anthropologie!

Colored Brilliance Bowl anthro

So, this is the mighty original version, Colored Brilliance Bowl from Anthropologie, sold at whopping $228 (image from Anthropologie). I LOVE the vibrant colours! So… do you fancy a quick sneak peak of my version before setting off for the tutorial?

Colored Brilliance Bowl1

Not too bad, right? So, if you are tempted, it’s time to dig your nail polish stash!

What you’ll need:

  • bowl
  • nail polishes
  • masking tape


Colored Brilliance Bowlt1Colored Brilliance Bowlt2

1) First, place the masking tapes around the top edge inside and outside, leaving about 5mm gap from the top.

2) This is completely optional, but testing out the polishes on a piece of paper pallet really helped me to understand what colours I had and how sticky the polishes were (I also mixed some polishes to make pale colours.). I’m not going to waste these, by the way, I’ll use them as nail decals later on :)

Colored Brilliance Bowlt3Colored Brilliance Bowlt4

3) Now, paint the bowl as you please! When the polishes are dry, apply top coat on the design.

4) Paint the top with black mani, and set aside to dry. When the polishes are completely dry, peel off the masking tape and you’re done!

Colored Brilliance Bowl4

My initial purpose for the bowl was as a cotton pads container, but I couldn’t resist trying it out as a candle dish… and yap, it is going to stay that way! I love how the polishes reflect lights.

Colored Brilliance Bowl2

And… guess what, I couldn’t resist painting more either! I keep wax chips (for waxing paper) in the jar.

Colored Brilliance Bowl glass

I also painted my old glass – it used to have multi-coloured dots, but when I accidentally put it in a dishwasher the paint came off (oops).

Colored Brilliance Bowl glass2

And now it joined my crafty crew; I’m going to keep felting needles and scissors (I put felt balls to avoid the needles from scratching the glass).

So, what do you think? It was such a fun project for me, but please, please do it in a well-ventilated area, because it smelled VILE (too intense even for me). Also, I think it is OK to handwash the items time to time, but I recommend using them for things that you don’t have to wash that often.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and happy painting!

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Colored Brilliance Bowl”

  1. Oh, no! But then again, you have every excuse to go and buy new nail polishes now :) Thank you for stopping by, Ramya!

  2. Oh these bowls are so lovely and elegant…! I just threw out some old nail colors :(!!!! shud have seen this a couple of days back!!!sigh…

  3. Thanks for the tips, Ali! Hope you enjoy making one :)

  4. Cool! If you want the stripes to show on the inside, do them first too. :) I’m so doing this later today:)…

  5. Thank you Sara :)

  6. Emi YOU ARE GREAT !!!!!!! no more words , have a great time, Sara from Germany

  7. 107 to go…?! Madness!!! Hope you enjoy making the bowl, Jill!

  8. I really love the bowl. I’m getting ready to start on my Christmas gifts. Too early, naw. I have 107 to do!

  9. Thanks, Bev! I love the bowl as a candle dish as well :)

  10. So CUTE Emi!! I would never have thought of using nail polish but I love it!! It looks really sweet with the candle in it!

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