May 25 2012

Craft Tutorial: Beaded Bezel Ring

Beaded Bezel Ring

Awww… Just looking at these lovely Swarovki stones makes me drool…. Oh, ahhh, sorry, I’m good, thank you, and you?

Well, well, where can I start? I love Swarovski crystals, and I especially adore their rivolis (you know, pointy, gold back ones?) – although I couldn’t really use them without fancy (and rather expensive) settings before. But I am a different person now, because I can make peyote bezels with them (whoot, whoot)!!! So, with this greatest excitement, I shall move on to the tutorial :)

You’ll Need:

Beaded Bezel Ring tool

  • 1 Swarovski rivoli (or flat-back cabochon if you prefer)
  • sead beads
  • beading thread and needle
  • pearls (I’m using 2mm plastic pearls)


Beaded Bezel Ringt1Beaded Bezel Ringt1-2

1) Let’s start by making a peyote bezel. I followed this fantastic tutorial from Around the Beading Table. Really, I couldn’t do it without their tutorial! If you are using flat-back cabochon, however, please follow step 1-16 of my peyote bezel tutorial here. After making the bezel, simply cut it off from the felt.

And the photo in the right is how the bezel looks from the side.

Beaded Bezel Ring t2Beaded Bezel Ring t4

2) Thread a needle and pass it through a seed bead in the first row.

3) Tie a tight double knot at the side of the seed bead, and trim the excess. Thread pearls until it comfortably wraps around your finger.

Beaded Bezel Ring t5Beaded Bezel Ring t6

4) Pass the needle through a seed bead on the opposite side of the seed bead you passed at step 2.

5) Tie a tight double knot.

Beaded Bezel Ring t7

6) Pass needle back through a few seed beads, trim the excess and you’re done!

Beaded Bezel Ring 2

I really enjoyed making these bezels, but I must admit that it took me so long to decide which seed beads I used. I must have gone through do-and-undo business for about 10 times (but don’t you worry, making the bezel itself is really easy)!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and have a lovely weekend :)

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  1. Thanks so much for your help, Quinetta!!! It was really helpful :)

  2. Go up to the Around the beading Table,and click. It will show the sizes of seed beads & Rivoli’s to use. I hope this will help.

  3. She used a size 12mm rivoli, and size 11/o seed beads, and size 15/o seed beads

  4. What size rivolis and what size seed beads?

  5. I love this pattern. It is so cute. thank you for sharing

  6. Just love your tutorials they are so well explained

  7. Thank you very much for sharing. The rings are so cute.

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