May 29 2012

Crafty Secret Reveal…

Hello my dearest readers, today I must confess that I’ve been keeping a little secret from you. No, I’m not pregnant, and no, I did not eat your chocolate (I swear!). So… ahem, take a deep breath…

Secret Reveal

Ta-da! I did a craft swap for the first time in my life, and received these gorgeous goodies the other day! And, can you guess who my swap mate is? Clues: 1) a craft queen 2) who lives on the other side of the pond 3) who is famous for unbeatable Anthropologie knockoffs 4) whose blog name makes you want to buy a pair of pink socks 5) who I absolutely love and look up to.

Did you get it? Yes, it’s none other than Bev from Flamingo Toes!!!!!! Just in case you haven’t encountered Flamingo Toes yet (you are missing a lot, love), here are some of my favourite tutorials from Bev: cutest Zig Zag Ric Rac Pillows, gorgeous Ruffles & Buttons Apron, a summer must-have Sketchy Sunglasses Case, and last but not least, the tutorial which led me discover Flamingo Toes, Anthro Trimmed Necklace Knockoff.

I could go on and on and on… But now, please let me introduce you to the goodies I received.

Secret Reveal magazine

Jewelry Affaire magazine, which features Bev’s ring and necklace. Oh, the quality!

When Bev wrote about the feature in her blog, I left her a comment saying I wished I could got hold of the copy in the UK. Then, Bev kindly offered me to send one (I know, isn’t she just AMAZING???) and this was when I took my chance and asked her if we could do the craft swap. I nearly wet my pants when she said yes :)

Secret Reveal 2

Fabric bundle and a fabric tape. Loooooovely! I’m thinking about making a potholder or two; Bev has tutorials for sweet potholders, of course!

Secret Reveal trims

Trims on cutest wooden spools, and a set of beads and crystals. I love, love the tiny pom pom trim. Trust me, my head is spinning with ideas now!

Secret Reveal ring

And… a handmade embroidered ring! So thoughtful (I’m a crazy cat lady) and so beautifully made! Yap, I had to show you the photo of the ring and my ‘face’ together (the cat is used as my Twitter and Pinterest profile photo).

It was so much fun (when I was waiting for the goodies to arrive, I really felt like a teenager in love!), and honestly, I was honoured to craft swap with my biggest blog idol :) Oh, and if you are wondering what I sent, hop over to Flamingo Toes!

P.S. Thank you so much again, Bev xx

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4 Commnents to “Crafty Secret Reveal…”

  1. No, you are the coolest craft blogger, EVER :) I can’t wait for the next swap, either!

  2. Yay Emi!! Thank you for suggesting the swap – and for this sweet post!!! You totally made me sound much cooler than I am lol. :)
    It was a blast and I’m so looking forward to our next one!

  3. Wow, well done truebluemeandyou for guessing it right! And yes, I LOVE the cat ring and it makes me giggle whenever I wear it :)

  4. I love Flamingo Toes! After #3 I had guessed who it was. What a great swap – especially the cat ring :)

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