May 30 2012

Nail Art: Chic vs Tribal

 Chic vs Tribal

As the title says, I was wondering if I could do tribal nail art in a chic way. I mean, really, the best part of tribal designs is their vibrant mix of colours and patters…right? So, would taking the ‘spark’ out of the design kill the fun…?

What I used (as the base colour):

  • essie / Sand Tropez
  • essie / Jazz

To get the look:

1) Let’s start by making some decals. Apply small amount of black and gold nail polish on a piece of paper pallet, and let it dry. When the polishes are completely dry, peel them off from the paper pallet, then cut them into small triangles and squares. (for more detailed instructions on how to make decals, please read this post).

2) Apply top coat on your nails. When they are dry, apply two coats of Jazz on thumb, middle and little finger, and Sand Tropez on index and ring finger.

3) While the nails are still wet, place the decals with tweezers. If the nails dry too quickly, simply apply some top coat.

4) Apply top coat, and you’re done!

 Chic vs Tribal 2

So, do you think I killed the fun? They do go well with a lot of clothes, that much I can tell you :)

 Chic vs Tribal 3

And, in case you wondered, I did use two different polishes as the base colour. Sand Tropez (left) and Jazz (right) look very similar, but the small difference goes a long way in nail art world, I think :)


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  1. Thanks April :)

  2. Neat idea!

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