May 31 2012

Knockoff Craft Tutorial:
Etoile Earrings by Kamiori Kaori

Etoile Earrings

Today’s tutorial is a knockoff of ‘Etoile earrings’ by a Japanese jewelry designer, Kamiori Kaori. When I discovered the earrings, I was literally blown away – they are so cute and whimsical!

Etoile Earrings original

This is the original version, Etoile earrings by Kamiori Kaori (originally sold here for about £100). I love the colours, and the unexpected combination of gold and embroidery floss! Too bad I can’t crochet…

What you’ll need:

  • 2 star-shaped beads (I’m using freshwater pearls)
  • 2 eyepins
  • 2 jump rings
  • 8 embroidery floss
  • small folk


Etoile Earrings t1Etoile Earrings t2

1) First, cut the embroidery floss, about 15cm and 10cm in length.

2) Next, separate the strands of floss in half (3 strands for each colour).

Etoile Earrings t3Etoile Earrings t4

3) Now, wrap the longer (15cm) 3-strand-floss tightly around the folk. I used only 2 prongs of the folk in order to make tiny wraps.

4) Thread the shorter (10cm) 3-strand-floss through the prongs and tie a double knot. Make sure you tie a knot near the end of the shorter floss. It’s tiny and very fiddly, but you’ll get there!

Etoile Earrings t5Etoile Earrings t6

(5) Take the floss off the folk, tighten the knot, and trim the excess. Do not cut the shorter floss, though!

6) Repeat step 3 to 5 and make bows with each colour.

Etoile Earrings t7Etoile Earrings t8

7) Thread all the floss through a jump ring, then arrange and adjust the floss so that the bows hang in different length.

8) Carefully tie a knot so that the floss doesn’t move.

Etoile Earrings t9Etoile Earrings t10

9) Cut a small piece of floss (any colour you’d like), wrap it around the floss and tie a double knot.

10) Trim the excess floss.

Etoile Earrings t11Etoile Earrings t12

11) Thread the star-shaped bead to an eyepin, and make a loop with round-nose pliers.

12) Add the jump ring and the earwire, and you’re done!

Etoile Earrings 3
Etoile Earrings 2

I love these tiny bows, although they were a pain in the bum to make (my nails were a bit too long to make them). Also, if you are wondering if the floss tangle while worn – well, they do tangle, but not so much because the bows hang in different length. If you really want it to be tangle-free, you could reduce the bows (and I bet they still look hot!).

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and happy crafting!

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Etoile Earrings by Kamiori Kaori”

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  2. I can crochet, but yours are so much cuter. Oh, those bows! Adorable!

  3. OMG these are really cute.

  4. Ugh that is so freaking cute! I love the thread bows. Love love love!

  5. Thanks so much, jet :)

  6. aaaaw this is sooo cute, i love it. like the bright colours you have choossen, but as well the transformation of the diy.
    well done!!!!
    thank you for the sharing;-D

  7. Awww, thanks so much, Kianna *blush* Hope you enjoy making it :)

  8. Actually your earrings are waaaay cuter than the original! I LOVE THEM!!!! great tutorial! I will try it asap!

  9. Thank you Kasey :)

  10. would be great to use crimper beads to hold the floss together near the ring! but I LOVE THESE SO MUCH!! theyre so easy and cute!!!!!

  11. Thank you carmen :)

  12. Actually I like more your earrings !! :)

  13. Thanks for featuring the tutorial, Oksana!

  14. I love your project and will be featuring you tonight at my {DIY: Little Trendy Things} post on my blog. Have a wonderful day, Oksana @ OksanaPlusHobbies

  15. Lucky you that you can crochet, Nadine! I really wish I could… Let me know how it went with crocheted bows :)

  16. These are adorable. I can crochet so I might just have to take a shot at crocheting the little bows.

  17. I know, these bows are so cute I could eat them :) I wanna see your version, too, Bev!

  18. Eeeeek Emi!!!!!!! I am soooo in love with these!! Those tiny bows are just killing me! I must make them!

  19. Thank you Mruna :)

  20. Yours are way more cuter than the original!

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