Jun 04 2012

Diamond Jubilee Dinner, the Japanese Way!

Jubilee Dinner

Happy Monday, lovelies! I don’t know how much The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is celebrated elsewhere, but here in the UK it’s madness! Union Jack flags are everywhere, people are merry and cheery drunk all day long – and of course I’m not going to miss this chance to do a proper celebration :)

Jubilee Dinner 2

I went for Jubilee-goods shopping and got sweet cookie tins (for me and for my mum-in-law), Jubilee tea towel from Cath Kidston and cake pop tops which I introduced you in last week’s Diamond Jubilee Wish List post. After debating with Mr T whether I should bake a cake or make sushi cake for the cake pop tops, we decided to go for the sushi cake. Mr T had a point that ‘more bizarre the better’ for the kitsch pop tops.

So, here it is, a three-layer sushi cake!

Jubilee Dinner 3

If you are wondering, yes, there are some types of sushi that doesn’t involve any raw fish :) I made roses with pickled radish, but mmm… they are quite far from English roses… When you make radish pickles, the vinegar turns beautifully pink, so I used the tinted vinegar as sushi vinegar to make rice pink (ain’t I genius?).

Anyways, I think I’m going to keep and hand down the cake pop tops to my posterity :) Thanks for the 4-day-holiday, Her Majesty!

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