Jun 06 2012

Where’s the Queen?


I went to see the Queen’s parade with my friends yesterday, and oh, it was surely one of the highlights of my stay in the UK!

jubilee 2
jubilee 3
jubilee 4

If you have a thing for uniforms, these are for you :)

jubilee 5

We were handed mirrored telescope-ish thing on the street (like the one in the right photo), and because I’m short it saved me from looking at only people’s heads. Well, sort of. I still couldn’t see a thing when the Queen’s carriage passed by.

But here, here… can you spot her?

jubilee 6
jubilee 8

Yessssss!!!!!! The Queen!!!!

Very blurred, I know, but I was standing on my toes and was holding the camera with my arms reached high, as high as I could. Because my view was blocked by a sea of heads, I just took photos following the direction of other people’s cameras :)

So now, sadly the party is over – we have to wait 51 more days before another big party begins…


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