Jun 07 2012

Craft Tutorial: Drop Beads Necklace

Drop Beads Necklace

Hello sweets! Today I’m going to show you how to make simple necklace with drop beads. I received these gorgeous drop beads as part of crafty swap goodies; when I saw them I instantly knew that I was going to make a dangle necklace with them :)

You’ll need:

Drop Beads Necklace tool
  • 5 drop beads
  • 5 triangle bail
  • 4 jumprings (I used 1 x 10mm, 1 x 6mm, 2 x 3mm)
  • 1 clasp
  • chain, 60cm for the main chain, and about 5cm for the dangle
  • (not in photo) a pair of flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers and wire cutters

* As long as chain fits through the 10mm jumpring, you can use necklace chain you already own!


Drop Beads Necklace t1Drop Beads Necklace t2

1) Place a triangle bail at the end of the chain (for the dangle).

2) Add a drop bead to the bail, and close the opening with flat-nose pliers.

Drop Beads Necklace t3Drop Beads Necklace t4

3) Repeat step 1 and 2 to attach another bead to the chain.

4) Place all beads to the chain.

Drop Beads Necklace t5Drop Beads Necklace t6

5) Add 10mm jumpring to the chain, just above the top drop bead, then cut off the excess chain.

6) Add a clasp and 8mm jumpring on both ends of the chain.

Drop Beads Necklace t7

7) Add the beaded charm to the chain, and you’re done!

Drop Beads Necklace 2

Very simple, easy to make (ten minutes max!), and goes well with a of clothes (very important) :)

Drop Beads Necklace 5

Ahhh, I’m in love with these drops, and I can’t stop looking at them (thanks again, Bev!). I have more drop beads, several colours and much smaller in size, and I’m thinking maybe I could do matching earrings. I know, as if I don’t own enough earrings already!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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  1. It’s beautiful! Love the ease and clear instructions too. I’m already on it!! With one little alteration to make it my own :-)

  2. very beautiful, thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful necklace. Love the beads. I agree your necklace would look great with anything you wear. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for selecting these gorgeous beads, Bev!

  5. Oh they look gorgeous!! I love the necklace Emi – you could wear that with anything!! So super cute. :)

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