Jun 18 2012

Nail Art: Crushed Seashell Summer Nails

Seashell Summer Nails

Hello sweets! Did you have a great weekend? We were blessed with sunny spells, so we (together with Mr T and his friends) headed to the beach, had some gorgeous gelato (salt caramel was my favourite) and run around trying to get away from seagulls trying to attack our precious food :)

Anyways, as I promised you last week, this week’s nail art is all about summer – if seashells don’t put you right in the summer mood, I don’t know what will!

I used:

  • miss sporty / French Manicure 03 (for thumb and ring finger)
  • Paul & Joe / 30 (for index, middle and little fingers)
  • glitters
  • white and blue crushed seashells

To get the look:

1) Apply base coat.

2) Apply two coats of miss sporty on thumb and ring finger.

3) While the nails are still wet, sprinkle small amount of glitter on thumb and ring finger. Place seashells with a wood stick.

4) Apply four coats of Paul & Joe on index, middle and little fingers to make gradation art (please read this post for gradient art how-to).

5) Place seashells on index, middle and little fingers while the nails are still wet.

6) Apply two – three coats of top coat.

Seashell Summer Nails 2
Seashell Summer Nails 3

I got these small packets of seashells while in Japan, and they were about £1 per colour (the small bottle contains glitter I used). They are really summery and look so pretty when reflecting the sun :)

I’m planing on posting nail/cuticle care how-to later this week, by the way, so watch this space!

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  1. Thank you Sara!

  2. very cool.. love your sweet ideas.. have a great time. Sara

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