Jun 20 2012

Craft Tutorial: Beaded Coaster

Beaded Coaster Tutorial

I told you last week in this post that I’d been doing a bead embroidery project – I was in fact making the beaded coaster in the photo above. And, after about 80-hour-worth of labour, I am absolutely thrilled to tell you that it is complete! Yeeeeessssssss!!!

OK, I shall calm down now. And please allow me to explain the reason why it took me so long to finish the coaster. Ahem, well, I accidentally sewed my skirt onto the coaster during the process. Not once, but three times… And had to unstitch and re-sew accordingly (and scream, curse myself and eat lots of chocolates). So, if you were to make the coaster, please wear tightest skinny jeans :)

You’ll need:

  • seed beads (I used size 11 Miyuki seed beads)
  • embroidery hoop
  • 2 pieces of fabric (I used canvas for front side, light-weight cotton for back side)
  • beading needle and thread


Beaded Coaster Tutorial t1

1) Draw the design onto front fabric. Since my design was complicated, I made a mock-up design with Illustrator first.

Beaded Coaster Tutorial t2

2) Place embroidery hoop on the fabric. Starting from a corner, sew the beads on; pick up 2 seed beads, pass the needle back through the fabric, pass needle back up through the first and second beads, and pass the needle through the second bead.

Embroidering these colourful beads was surprisingly therapeutic – up until Day 3…!

Beaded Coaster Tutorial t3

3) When you finish embroidering, take it off the hoop. I think it shouldn’t take that long to embroider the coaster as long as the design is simple and you don’t sew your skirt onto the fabric :)

Beaded Coaster Tutorial t4

4) Trim the fabric leaving about 2cm seam allowance. Zig-zag stitch the edges if your fabric easily fray.

Beaded Coaster Tutorial t5

5) Cut the back side fabric into the same size as the front. Press the seam lines and sew the four corners.

Beaded Coaster Tutorial t6

6) Sew front and back sides together using a ladder stitch, and you’re done!

Beaded Coaster Tutorial t7

It looks like this from the back.

Beaded Coaster Tutorial 1

So… what do you think? Did my hard work, sweat, blood and tears all worth it? I really hope so because… well, I actually made it for my dad as Father’s Day present. No, I couldn’t make it in time but I’m sure he won’t mind :)

Beaded Coaster Tutorial 2

I really love how it turned out, but if I were to make a beaded coaster again, I would 1) make the design much simpler, and 2) use Delica beads instead of sead beads. I used Miyuki seed beads because I wanted to use matte transparent colours, but stitching Delica beads will be much easier to achieve straight lines.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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  1. Thanks, Caroline Fay :) Hope you’ll give it a try and enjoy making the coaster!

  2. OMG!!! Be Still My Heart! A beaded coaster! A must have. This is so cool. I will just have to have this. I am a bead-a-holic and love this. Thank you. :)

  3. Thank you for letting me know! They are remarkably time consuming, but they will make a great gift :)

  4. I’m really glad to hear that you didn’t ask for the number of beads! I’m afraid I only made one coaster, though…

  5. Oh no, not the beads! Haha that would be cruel to ask you! I meant how many coasters were in the set. Also, thank you for replying so quickly! :)

  6. Thanks Haley :) Do you mean, how many beads I used…? If so, I have absolutely no idea (no, I’m not going to count!!!) :D Also, it took me about 80 hours to finish it.

  7. Just curious, but how many were in the set you made and how long did it take you to finish? They look absolutely fabulous!

  8. Ohhh, thank you sweetie! I really hope Dad’s going to like it :)

  9. I love the design! Yeah, I think your hard work was really worth it! Lucky dad. :)

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