Jun 27 2012

Anthropologie Knockoff Tutorial:
Pave Ruby Earrings

Pave Ruby Earrings

I get really excited whenever an idea sparks in my head, especially mad ones (remember the Alpaca Pincushion? Hello madness!). Today’s knockoff tutorial is one of the ‘mad’ ones, I think, and hope you’ll like it as much as I do :)

Pave Ruby Earrings anthro

This is the gorgeous original version, Pave Ruby Earrings by Anthropologie (photo credit: Anthropologie). And, can you guess how much the pair cost? It’s $498. Yes, I repeat it again for you. $498. And I’ll say no more.

What you’ll need:

Pave Ruby Earrings tool
  • rhinestones
  • 2 drop beads
  • a pair of earwires
  • 10 jump rings
  • 2 triangle bails
  • small piece of suede
  • gold embossing powder
  • glue pen

(not in the photo)

  • awl
  • heat gun
  • glue
  • orangewood stick/ tweezers
  • pair of flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers and scissors


Pave Ruby Earrings t1Pave Ruby Earrings t2

1) Using a glue pen, draw a small leaf on the wrong side of the suede.

2) Pour a generous amount of embossing powder on the leaf, and shake off the excess powder on a piece of paper.

Pave Ruby Earrings t3Pave Ruby Earrings t4

3) Repeat Step 1 and 2 to make ten leaves covered with embossing powder.

4) Pour the excess embossing powders back into the jar.

Pave Ruby Earrings t5Pave Ruby Earrings t6

5) With the heat gun, heat the embossing powders until they melt.

6) Cut out the leaves using scissors.

Pave Ruby Earrings t7Pave Ruby Earrings t8

7) Make a hole at the top of a leaf with an awl.

8) Using round-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers, place a jump ring through the hole.

Pave Ruby Earrings t9Pave Ruby Earrings t10

9) Repeat Step 7 and 8 to assemble 5 leaves for each earring – but don’t attach jump rings on the bottom leaves.

10) Attach triangle bails on the bottom leaves.

Pave Ruby Earrings t11Pave Ruby Earrings t12

11) Place drop beads between the bails, squeeze and close them with flat-nose pliers.

12) Attach earwires at the top.

Pave Ruby Earrings t13

13) Glue rhinestones on the leaves using an orangewood stick or tweezers. And… you’re done!

Pave Ruby Earrings 3

So, what do you think? Embossing on suede is a bit crazy, but hey, it worked!

Pave Ruby Earrings 2

The reason why I embossed on the wrong side of suede is 1) it looks cute from the back (on the image left) and 2) glue doesn’t get absorbed too quickly.

My only regret is not placing rhinestones in equal amount – I thought arranging them randomly would be fun but they just looked… a bit too random. Also, it was really hard to take decent photos with the earrings because they were so sparkly…

Anyways, enough excuses now :) Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and have fun embossing suede!

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Pave Ruby Earrings”

  1. Wow, this is so clever! I just made some glass bead jewelry using felt that kind of reminds me of this. The suede is a much better look. I cannot believe how close they look to the originals. Love your crazy ideas! Keep em comin’!

  2. lovely concept to make earrings in a few minutes.

  3. i dont know why, but your pictures will not load on my ipad. so sad i cannot see your tutorials.

  4. These are so pretty! I have featured them today on Copycat Crafts :) http://www.copycatcrafts.com/anthropologie-inspired-pave-ruby-earrings/

  5. Thank you truebluemeandyou!

  6. I love really clever ideas that look great – especially ones I haven’t seen before! Really pretty earrings :)

  7. Embossing suede is pretty crazy, right? Glad my Anthro-knockoff queen has approved it :)

  8. These are so amazing Emi!! I love them!! I would never have thought about making them this way but they look fabulous!! You are a genius. ;)

  9. I know, $498 is just… wow (but at the same time, they use expensive gem stones and gold, so fair enough)! Thank you for stopping by, evdokia t!

  10. 498$ for a pair of earrings?!

    they are so pretty!
    i want to give this a try!
    thank you for one more amazing tutorial!


  11. Thanks Masa :D

  12. I LOVE your knockoffs! ^_^

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