Jul 11 2012

Nail Art: OPI NYC Ballet Collection Swatch

NYC Ballet Collection

Hello lovelies! I usually don’t do nail polish swatches here in Small Good Things, but today I have to share you my latest addiction – because I finally discovered ‘it’ white nail (Yee-ha!!!!).

In my last week’s glitter flowers nail art post, I asked if you guys knew any white polishes that are non-squeaky clean white, and are creamy but not too thick. Then a magical thing happened – beyond brilliant Tumblr blog, True Blue Me & You, kindly asked her readers if they knew any manis that fit my demanding (ah-ha) request in this post.

One of her readers suggested ‘Crème Fraiche’ by OPI, and oh my, it sounded perfect! I couldn’t, however, find any UK stores that sell it (big sigh). My heart didn’t get deflated for too long, because after an hour’s vigorous search on the net, I found these:

NYC Ballet Collection polish

New York City Ballet Mini Collection by OPI (from left)

  • Pirouette My Whistle
  • Don’t Touch My Tutu!
  • My Pointe Exactly
  • Care to Danse?

There are originally six shades (5 pastels and 1 glitter) in the collection, and I decided to get Mini Collection that comes with 3 pastels and 1 glitter mini bottles, because I wanted to test out the colours before I splash out on the normal size ones (normal bottle costs £11 per bottle in the UK while the mini collection is £12.95).

These are very soft, sheer pastels – they are so sheer that, in fact, it’s very easy to get unevenness. And although I love them all, they may not be for every girl’s dream mani; if you don’t dig sheer polishes, or if you can’t be bothered to apply 6 thin coats/ 4 thick coats for a full opaque coverage, these are not for you. But if you are like me and love jelly-ish finish result, oh yes, you won’t regret pressing that ‘buy’ button now :)

NYC Ballet Collection 2

So, here is my swatch:

  • For thumb: 6 thin layers of Don’t Touch My Tutu!, applied to make gradient art
  • For index finger: 6 thin layers of My Pointe Exactly, applied to make gradient art
  • For middle finger: 4 thick coats of Don’t Touch My Tutu!
  • For ring finger: 4 thick coats of Care to Danse?
  • For ring finger: 4 thick coats of My Pointe Exactly, and one coat of Pirouette My Whistle

Oh, before I go, if you haven’t visited True Blue Me & You, you haven’t lived yet. The blog is like a top-end milkshake that is made of gorgeous, fresh craft and DIY tutorials from around the world – so yummy and full of inspirations with all these do-able projects – and fat-free, of course :)

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4 Commnents to “Nail Art: OPI NYC Ballet Collection Swatch”

  1. Yap, OPI (and essie) is so darn expensive in the UK, too! I think mini collections totally worth the money, though they really are tiny bottles!

  2. beautiful! I especially like how the colors on your thumb and index finger turned out. I also wouldn’t mind seeing more swatches from you. :) I’d love to try OPI, but it is so expensive – at least in Slovenia, because only a few stores care it. I guess I should check out e-bay. :)

  3. I wouldn’t have done the OPI search if there weren’t the suggestion from your reader! Thanks so much for ending my frustrating search for the ‘it’ polish :D

  4. Thanks for the shout out! Nail art is pretty big on Tumblr and I love it when readers answer questions I ask on my blog from what to do with vintage roller skates to the perfect white nail polish :)

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