Jul 13 2012

Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings

Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings

Hello friends! Today I have a fun wire project for you. I’ve been seeing a lot of rings with cute little messages (love, believe etc) the past year or so, and always wondered if I could make them myself. The verdict? Yes, I (and you) can!

What you’ll need:

Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings tool
  • beading wire, about 15cm (I’m using 24 gauge Artistic Wire)
  • 2 jump rings
  • chain, 4 – 6cm
  • nail polish (the rid should be roughly the same size as your finger)
  • pair of flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers and wire cutters

* The success of this project heavily relies on your tool (or so I think); you’ll need flat-nose pliers (like the blue one in the photo right) that has a thin tip.

** I’m going to make ‘hello’ for the tutorial, but you can make any word you’d like, of course; just follow the photos and you’ll get the idea how to shape any alphabet (I think…).


Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t1Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t2

1) Bend the end of the wire with round-nose pliers to form a small (very small) loop.

2) Let’s start making ‘h’ from here. Make a loop with round-nose pliers.

Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t3Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t4

3) Using flat-nose pliers, make a hard bend.

4) Squeeze the wires together with flat-nose pliers.

Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t5Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t6

5) Bend the wire over the pliers.

Now it looks like this; ‘h’ is done!

Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t7Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t8

6) Bend the wire over round-nose pliers.

7) Bend the wire over flat-nose pliers.

Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t9Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t10

8) Bend the wire over round-nose pliers.

9) Moving onto ‘l’ now. Bend the wire over round-nose pliers.

Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t11Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t12

10) Bend the wire over round-nose pliers.

11) Bend the wire over round-nose pliers for the second ‘l’. If you want your ring to read ‘hell’, you can skip to step 14 :)

Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t13Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t14

12) Wrap the wire over the fat part of round-nose pliers to form ‘o’.

13) Wrap the wire up a little bit.

Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t15Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t16

14) Wrap the wire over the tip of round-nose pliers to form a small loop, and cut the excess wire.

15) Bend the word over the rid of a nail polish so it will fit around your finger.

Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t17Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings t18

16) With flat-nose pliers and round-nose pliers, attach a jump ring and a chain to the loop.

17) Repeat the process to attach a jump ring and a chain to the other end of loop. And… you’re done!

Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings 1

I made ‘meow’ and ‘hello’, and they look really cute on me fingers J I’m going to practice a bit more, though, so that I could form words tidier.

Also, I made bigger version with 18 gauge wire (much thicker wire); they came out much sturdier so I recommend using them for bracelets (sturdier the wire, the more difficult it becomes to handle, hence the bigger version).

Craft Tutorial: Wire Word Rings 4

So… which word would you fancy wearing on a ring? Between you and me, the first words that popped up in my head were quite embarrassing, like ‘kool’ and ‘disaster’. I know. Charming… Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and have a brilliant weekend!

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  1. Love the wire work.

  2. I just love these rings I am going to try and make a few. I will use wire as the ring base though. I would be replacing the chain when I do that. Years ago I did personalize painting on my wood crafts at shows which went over big. So I will try writing in wire instead of paint.

  3. I like to learn to make wire word name i think better see video of this metod
    May i have many video to learn this wire name
    Thank you very much

  4. I’ve made necklaces using wire written words, but not rings. I’ll have to try it.

  5. I am so amazed! I received a bracelet in this style as a gift many years ago and was fascinated by the wire work but never thought I could do it myself! Having an unusual name, the only way I can get personalized jewelry is to make it or order it. Now I know that I can do it at home! Thank you for sharing your wonderful tutorial! I can’t wait until I get a free minute to try it :)

  6. Thanks so much for this awesome, easy-to-follow tutorial! I recently made a twitter bracelet using your technique. I posted it on my blog referring readers to you for the letter creation. So glad I found you on Pinterest!

  7. I love these!! I don’t wear rings very often but I found a different way to use your idea! I posted it to my blog Endeavors of a Girl.

    Thanks for the lovely tutorial and inspiration!

  8. Hi. Love the rings – a good word to use now adays is one which the kids are all using now (at least in the UK) “Sick” – It actually means “awesome”, would you believe it? You can tell I am getting on a bit :-)


  9. Would like th see the pin back wired to the word with the crystals (written by Debbie, I don’t understand her description, thanks, Sharon

  10. Hello Galaxy! I’m afraid I have no idea where exactly to get these materials in Philippines, but try craft shops rather than hardware stores. You could also try online craft supply shops – I myself buy most of the materials I use online because my local craft shops don’t have much choices :)

  11. Konnichiwa Emi-san!! I really love this tutorial and Im hoping to create like this in the future. But my problem is I dont know here to buy the materials like the wire, jumprings, chain, eyepins, earring ends and etc.. would these be available in a hardware store?? Please tell me where you buy these materials ^^ I want to make it so badly >.< Thank you and I love your tutorials very much! Please keep on posting!
    Love from the Philippines!

  12. Thanks for stopping by, Laurie! Making letters for gift wrapping sounds such a good idea – I wish I’d thought about that before I finish wrapping gifts!!!

  13. Wow, ‘always’ sounds really cute, Emily!! And you also made me want to make rings in silver :)

  14. I had so much fun that I created several xmas related ones to adorn my gifts. Thank you..

  15. Thanks for the tutorial! I just made one with the word “always” in silver. :)

  16. I’m glad to hear that the tutorial was of any help, bose! I’m sure your daughter would love a bracelet, too :)

  17. Thanks for sharing, the instructions were Wuite easy to follow. Mine came out fine though big for my finger, might turn it to bracelet for my daughter. Thank you

  18. Oh, thank you so much for the detailed advice, Debby! And I love the idea of mixing wire and rhinestones together :)

  19. here is a suggestion: go on the internet and find the alphabet printed and written for schools- print it out and practice with it.
    I do craft shows and I write peoples names in wire and then wire them to a pin with craft wire and swarovski crystals over the pin itself (crystals on the wrapping wire. People like them.
    I made some for my cousins when we had a family reunion in Solvang, Ca. People saw the pins and wanted to know where they could buy one.

  20. Hello Tess! My best advice would be to try and draw the words you’re going to make on a piece of paper first, and to do practice run a few times. If you still can’t make the words in a way you wish, you could probably use thinner wire (much easier to handle). Hope these help!

  21. Hello :) I would love to make this for my friend but although you said we could work the alphabet out I just can’t seem to figure out a pretty way to do her name. Could you possibly draw up some ideas for the rest of the alphabet?

  22. Thank you Jillvintage :)

  23. adorable!

  24. Thank you Noreen :)

  25. These are lovely. Thanks for posting. Very interesting indeed.

  26. Thank you Christina :)

  27. These rings are beautiful and whimsical. Love ’em!
    Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original Round Up party is open!

  28. Thanks Bev, hope you enjoy making some!

  29. Wow!! How is it that everything you make I want?? :) These are super cute – and you make it look so easy!! I am definitely picking up some wire to try this!! Thanks Emi!

  30. Thanks Masha :)

  31. great, I love the photos! I didn’t even think of helping myself with a nail polish bottle! :)

  32. Thanks Ana :)

  33. Absolutely gorgeous!!

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