Jul 17 2012

Trip to Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle

Hello lovelies! Today I’m going to share you some photos of Leeds Castle which I visited over the weekend. I’ll be sweet and quick so that I won’t bore you to death with details :)

Leeds Castle2
Leeds Castle3
Leeds Castle5

Leeds Castle is called ‘The loveliest castle in the world’ – true to their words, it was full of charms and was picturesque from every angle.

Leeds Castle9
Leeds Castle4

Who would’ve thought the Queen’s bath could be smaller than ours?

Leeds Castle10

There was also a small museum of dog collars – yes, I’m serious! Spanning five centuries, the collection was packed with bling-y posh collars and spiky weird ones :)

Leeds Castle1
Leeds Castle6
Leeds Castle7
Leeds Castle8

And the gardens were absolutely huge! I’ve never seen swans resting their legs like the photo above, but that seemed to be the trend there.

Last but not least, please check their website for more info about Leeds Castle. Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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7 Commnents to “Trip to Leeds Castle”

  1. Thanks Masa, and I wish you were here,too!! :)

  2. how come I overlooked this post? anyway, I wish I could be there too! interesting bits and I love the photos. the place looks sooo beautiiful!

  3. Thanks for the info Emi!! We might actually go there this weekend – fingers crossed for a lovely sunny weather!!

  4. You are so lucky to live so close to the castle, Tanuki!!! You’ve got to visit there soon, because you are missing out! OK, the entrance fee is pretty expensive (about £20 per person) but you could re-enter free for a whole year – that works so good for you, right?!

  5. Thank you for this inspiring and encouraging post! Yes, inspiring and encouraging – I have never been there even though I sort of live around the corner…! I & Mr. K (my husband) were actually meant to go last weekend too for a picnic, but ended up going for our usual walk because of the non-friendly weather – but I have to go there quite soon especially after reading your great experience:)

  6. It’s so cool that you’ve been to Leeds Castle! Hope you could come back to UK soon so that I could show you around :)

  7. How fun – that’s one of the places in England I’ve actually been! :) It is such a gorgeous place – and your photos are so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing them!!

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