Jul 30 2012

Nail Art: Show Your Support!

Olympic Nail Art
Happy Monday sweets, and my big apologies for the luck of new posts last week. As I’m writing this, I’m glued to the tv watching Judo – Matsumoto has just won the first gold medal for Japan (woot woot)! And continuing from last week’s glam rock Union Jack nail art, this week’s nail art is, again, Olympic game themed. Curious what my inspiration is?
Olympic Nail Art uniform
I’m going to see football games, both Japanese men and women’s, and wanted to incorporate their uniform design into nail art (photo credit: Sports Web Shoppers).
The only problem was that… ahem, I didn’t really like the uniform. I am over the moon to be able to go and support my country at Olympic games – but still, I wasn’t mentally prepared to wear these design on my nails (sorry whoever designed them!). So, I decided to take in the colour combination and make random shapes with them (as usual!) as a design.
I used (from let):
Olympic Nail Art polish
  • nails inc. / Victoria & albert
  • pop nail glam / pinkest
  • Canmake / 50
  • essie / Lapiz of Luxury
  • Ducato / CH500

How to get the look:
1) Apply base coat.
2) Apply three coats of Ducato on every nail.
3) While the nails are still wet, place nail decals (for how to make DIY decals, see tutorial here). Place small rings on the base of your nails.
4) Apply a top coat.
Olympic Nail Art 2
I felt that they weren’t Olympic-y enough, so added small rings in the end (I got these rings at a nail art shop, but they were exactly the same as jump rings you get from craft shops!).
So, are you going to wear any Olympic themed nail art? Hope you are as Olympic-obsessed as I am :)

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6 Commnents to “Nail Art: Show Your Support!”

  1. Thanks evdokia t. :)

  2. interesting nail art theme :)

  3. Thanks Masha! Mr T hated the rings, so good to know someone like them!!

  4. Thanks Tanuki, and your Olympic nails rock!!! I’m so jealous that you met Kitajima san, by the way – I’m crazy about swimming, too!!!

  5. totally cool! love that you included the rings.

  6. Those gold rings definitely add some extra Olympic feel to the look – love it. I have just done my Olympic-themed nails as well and am so glad to learn I am not the only one who is Olympic-obsessed:)

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