Jul 31 2012

Craft Tutorial: Cross-Stitched Letter Sorter

Craft Tutorial: Cross-Stitched Letter Sorter

Hello lovelies! I have a fun and colourful tutorial today for you – as you can guess from the title, it’s about a cross-stitched letter sorter. Cross-stitching a letter sorter? Yap, you heard it right. Maybe I should categorise it as ‘mad ideas’ rather than ‘craft’, right? But this is what happens when your husband comes home with an ugly letter sorter :)

Anyways, before I hop and skip onto the tutorial, I have to tell you that this is my first ever cross-stitch project. Yes, really. So, I am not an expert on the subject, and I’m sure there are better ways to do it. If you are an experienced cross-stitcher, you won’t even need the tutorial!

What you’ll need:

Craft Tutorial: Cross-Stitched Letter Sorter tool
  • metal letter sorter
  • embroidery floss

(not in the photo)

  • tapestry needle (the one with blunt tip)
  • spray paint


Craft Tutorial: Cross-Stitched Letter Sorter t1

1) In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the letter sorter. Set aside until the paint is completely dry (I wasn’t patient enough and made a tiny mess, which you will see later on…). If you like the colour of your letter sorter as it is, you can skip this process, of course.

Craft Tutorial: Cross-Stitched Letter Sorter t2

2) Thread a needle, and start stitching! Instead of tying a knot, hold the end of the floss (leaving about 7cm) with your left hand. Bring the needle up, from where you want the design to start, skip one row of wire, and reinsert the needle at the next row. Bring the needle up from the right next row, reinsert the needle where you reinserted before (sort of back-stitch motion).

Continue in this way until you reach the end of your design. Oh, and do you see the wonky paints near the stitch? This is because I touched the paint before it was completely dry.

Craft Tutorial: Cross-Stitched Letter Sorter t3

3) Next, go back up by stitching across the rows. When you go back to the very first stitch, tie a knot with the end of the floss.

Craft Tutorial: Cross-Stitched Letter Sorter t4

4) Continue to stitch the same way until you complete the design.

Craft Tutorial: Cross-Stitched Letter Sorter 1

Voila! Looks fun, right?

Craft Tutorial: Cross-Stitched Letter Sorter 3

I asked Mr T which colour I should use (it’s his letter sorter, after all), but that was it – I didn’t plan any design beforehand, and just stitched spontaneously.

Craft Tutorial: Cross-Stitched Letter Sorter 4

And it looks super cute in action, too! And the best thing for me was that I really enjoyed my first try at cross-stitching – it’s such a shame that I’ve wasted 32 years of my life not trying it!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and happy crafting!

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  1. What??!!! Oh, this is AWESOME!!!!!!! Thank you so much for letting me know, Masha xx

  2. oh wow, I saw this on Kollabora today: http://kollabora.com/blog/diy-s-weekend ^_^

  3. Thanks for the link, Sam, and yours look AWESOME!!! I love the colour combo and now you’re making me want to try it again :D

  4. I love this idea! I have that exact rack on my desk and hate it’s metal dullness :)

    I followed your tutorial and created my own little piece of cross stitch desk art and blogged about it here (http://www.sam-osborne.co.uk/make-bake-cross-stitch-letter-rack/) I’ve linked back to your tutorial to say thanks and because the instructions were so good, it made it really easy to follow!

    Thanks again – great tutorial, great blog!


  5. Thank Masha! I really wanna see what design you come up with!!

  6. Thanks Bev, I’m really flattered :)

  7. There are so many mesh accessories out right now because it’s back to school time now. So colorful, fun and easy!

  8. so cute! I’ll probably steal this idea. :P

  9. How clever are you?! I love this idea!! The design is so stylish and modern too! So cute Emi!!!

  10. Thanks Tina! I’m sure you’ll enjoy cross-stitching on really random stuff in your house – it’s strangely satisfying :D

  11. Very cool tutorial. I never would have thought to do this and I have cross-stitched before!

    I love your design, too, it’s minimalist but colorful and simple all at the same time.

    Love your nail tutorials, too. :D

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