Aug 08 2012

Nail Art: Tropical Water Colour Nails

Nail Art: Tropical Water Colour Nails

Hello friends! This week I’m having a very summery nail art because I realised that there are only a few weeks to do in-your-face summer nails (couldn’t think of any better way to describe :D). I used the same water colour technique I used in my previous tricolour gradient art tutorial – it doesn’t involve any water, so no fuss, very quick and easy!

I used (from let):

Nail Art: Tropical Water Colour Nails polish
  • Paul & Joe / 30
  • pop nail glam / pinkest
  • Ducato / CH500
  • Barry M / 304
  • essie / Lapiz of Luxury

How to get the look:

1) Apply base coat.

2) Apply three coats of Ducato on every nail.

3) When the polishes are completely dry, use a sponge to dab polishes on your nails (for water colour how-to, see tutorial here).

4) Add some embellishments.

5) Apply a top coat.

Nail Art: Tropical Water Colour Nails 2
Nail Art: Tropical Water Colour Nails 3

I really love how it turned out! But… it’s such a shame that the photos look so different from the real colours (purple-ish pink is actually neon pink, and pale green and blue are more vivid in real life). Anyways, hope you guys are having great summer and rocking summer nail art :)

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  1. Thanks Masha! Yap, wearing all these colours surely made me cheerful throughout the week :)

  2. what a beautiful effect! it must be very uplifting to look at so colorful nails. :)

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