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Aug 15 2012

Anthro Knockoff Electrolier Necklace

Do you ever feel crafty part of your brain itching when encountering something pretty and inspirational? This was the case when I saw Anthro knockoff tutorial by Bev from Flamingo Toes – my hands got so restless and eager to grab pliers that I just could not not make it myself!

Anthro Knockoff Electrolier Necklace anthro

The original Anthropologie piece, Electrolier Necklace, sold at $198 (photo credit: Anthropologie)

Anthro Knockoff Electrolier Necklace bev

And here is Bev’s version. Isn’t it just darling?! I love the colour combination, dangling beads and crystals! Click here for her step by step tutorial :)

Anthro Knockoff Electrolier Necklace
Anthro Knockoff Electrolier Necklace1

And my version. I used a vintage brooch for the focal piece, and vintage chandelier pieces for the ‘dangling’ bits (leftover from Chandelier Earrings Tutorial). The only regret is that I didn’t have enough sodalite with me (the stones I used as the chain) so that I had to mix in some gold beads – do you think it’s a bit too much gold…??

Anyways, head over to Flamingo Toes because Bev is having Anthro Necklace Week – that means new Anthro knockoff tutorials everyday this week (hurrah)!!! Thanks so much Bev for sharing the tutorial, you rock!

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7 Commnents to “Anthro Knockoff Electrolier Necklace”

  1. Thank you so much for the tutorial! I’ve made 3 so far and I get so many compliments! My favorite pieces of jewelry to wear did sure!

  2. Thanks & you are so sweet, Masha!!! *sending kisses*

  3. wow. I love all versions, but I honestly like yours the best! you have an eye for wonderful color combinations. <3

  4. Ahhh, thanks so much, Kristi! Now I feel so much better about the gold beads :)

  5. LOVE it! And no…I don’t think it’s too much gold at all! ;) I’d TOTALLY wear it!

  6. Yayyy Bev :D Really glad that you like it!! Can’t wait to see 2 more Anthro knockoffs from you!

  7. Yayyyy Emi!! I love it soooo much!! I think the gold beads on the strand look really pretty and I love the way you did your seed beads!! Too gorgeous!! (And thanks for the shoutout!) :)

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