Aug 16 2012

Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Pom Pom

Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Pom Pom

I honestly can’t remember how I lived without Pinterest before. In a matter of months since discovering it, Pinterest has comfortably and firmly rooted in my daily life – oh, the inspirations and eye candies!! So, as a result I ended up with a huge to-do list of crafts and DIYs. Today’s project was one from the list; when I saw these cute sachets with pom poms, I coundn’t resist making some :)

Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Pom Pom original

Frazier & Wing sachet filled with lavender by Alder & Co., sold at $20.

These are absolutely beautiful, simple and girly in just the right amount! I decided to turn them into shoe deodorant sachets, but you could fill them with any dry herbs, of course. So… ready for the tutorial?

What you’ll need:

  • fabric
  • pattern *download it from here
  • yarns
  • fork

*for shoe deodorant how-to, please read this tutorial (super easy!)

**the pattern will make a 8 x 11cm sachet. If you’d like to make bigger sachets, simply print out the pattern in bigger percentages.


Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Pom Pom t1

1) Cut the fabric according to the pattern. If you are making shoe deodorant, you need to cut two pieces for a pair (I’m making 4 pairs here).

Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Pom Pom

2) Make 1cm notches every now and then along the top edge, fold down by 1cm and press. Sew the edge with sewing machine or by hand.

Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Pom Pom

3) Fold the fabric right sides together, and sew the edge with 1cm seam allowance. Trim the pointy edge so that it turns nicely.

Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Pom Pom t4

4) Turn the right side out, and the sachet is done (I know, quick and easy)!

Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Pom Pom t5

5) Make one pom pom per sachet (please read this tutorial to make pom poms with a fork). When you are tying the pom pom, use three long yarns instead of one, and braid them after you trim the pom poms – this will make the cord much stronger.

Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Pom Pom t6

6) Put dry herbs/deodorant inside the sachets, and tie them with pom poms.

Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Pom Pom 1
Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Pom Pom 3

Aren’t they super cute?! I’ll give you a bonus point if you could guess right which ones are mine/Mr T’s!

Craft Tutorial: Sachet with Pom Pom 4

For the three-in-one pom pom, simply make three pom poms (much smaller in size) and tie them together at the end.

I got carried away (as usual) and made lots of pom poms with mixed colours and patterns, but in the end decided to use only simple ones because of my fabric choice (also most of my shoes are quite colourful). And you know what, our shoe rack looks very colourful and happy now! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial :)


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  1. Thank you evdokia t. :)

  2. such a lovely idea!
    thank you so much for the tutorial!!!!

  3. I love giving drawstring bags as gifts as well (also love making one, too)!! And I think giving these deodorant sachets for additional presents would be a perfect combination :)

  4. One holiday season I made a huge batch of colorful shoe bags in gorgeous soft flannels with a drawstring top. These sachets would be the perfect compliment to the shoe bags for additional presents. Yes, when everyone hears that I gave shoe bags as gifts they roll their eyes, but they were one of the most popular gifts I’ve given people because you can use them traveling for rolled up belts, lingerie, etc… :)

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