Mar 03 2011

Let’s spell out, shall I? Project: Day2

Let’s spell out, shall I? Project: m

Mmm…. Could be just me, but the m looks pretty yummy, don’t you think? The vivid yellow and the stripes in the background remind me of those sweets that mums tell kids not to eat (you know, the ones loaded with additives and artificial colours).

During the 80s when I was growing up, there were lots of these ‘bad’ sweets. They looked so attractive then, looking so bright and perky and all, but as I grew older and was able to buy sweets without hassling my mum, I didn’t want them anymore… It’s the same for frilly, girly clothes in a way: when I was a kid, I loathed ‘cute’ clothes so much that I never worn skirts (except my school uniform) till I was about 15. And now, I regret that I didn’t give ‘cuteness’ a chance!

Anyway, I have one question for all the needle felters: have you ever poked your finger with a felting needle, and as a result implanted a bit of wool in your finger? I know, it sounds pretty scary for those who don’t needle felt, isn’t it? And as you can imagine, it’s very, very painful. I just want to know how other people protect their fingers from this kind of accident. Please leave a comment if you have a brilliant solution!

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