Sep 05 2012

Paralympic Games; Athletics

Paralympic Games; Athletics
Paralympic Games; Athletics4

Happy September, lovelies! I know, it sounds crazy – didn’t we just eat Easter chocolates…???

Anyways, I went to see Paralympic Games’ Athletics yesterday with Mr T and our friends, and it was way beyond what we thought we were going to see.

Paralympic Games; Athletics1
Paralympic Games; Athletics5
Paralympic Games; Athletics7

The energy and love (can’t explain it otherwise) from the people in the stadium was absolutely fantastic, and everyone was so happy to support regardless of athletes’ nationalities.

Paralympic Games; Athletics8
Paralympic Games; Athletics9

Am I pushing myself enough? Am I getting used to choosing the easiest way? Am I wasting too much time wondering if I’m good enough to achieve what I want to do?

I had this moment of realisation (or more similar to self-resentment, I think) while watching the game – yes, I must try harder. Much harder, in fact. Sorry you had to read my mental note, but I had to write it here so that I will try harder.

Anyways, hope you’re enjoying and getting inspired by the brilliant Paralympic Games, too!

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  1. Thanks, Bev!

  2. Great photos Emi!! It looks like the games were really great – and I agree – so inspiring!!

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