Sep 10 2012

Nail Art: Having Fun with Printable Decals

Nail Art: Having Fun with Printable Decals1

Happy Monday, lovelies! Last week, I finally bought waterslide decal papers (from here) and couldn’t wait to try it on my nails. Yes, you heard it right. DIY nail decals in different level!

I found a cute Japanese nail art blog mitoca Nail the other day, and she has free printable nail decal data (don’t you just love the Internet??!!)! You can find four different designs here; simply click on the thumbnails to open bigger images, and right click to save. Just make sure to print them out in post card sizes.

Nail Art: Having Fun with Printable Decals decal

The decal paper I bought came in A4, so I cut them into post card sizes first (check your printer to see the accurate size required). There are clear and white decals, and it is much easier to use clear type because you don’t have to cut out the design accurately.

Also, there are different types of decal papers available and some need to have clear varnish spray on before putting it into water. My decal papers needed varnish, so I applied a thin coat of topcoat instead. So… yes, check what type of decal you have and read the instruction before you print the design :)

I used (from left):

Nail Art: Having Fun with Printable Decals polish
  • essie / Jazz
  • miss sporty / 12
  • L’Oreal / 201

How to get the look:

1) Apply base coat.

2) Apply two coats of essie on thumb, index and ring fingers.

3) Apply two coats of L’Oreal, miss sporty and essie on middle and little fingers.

4) When the polishes are completely dry, place the decals on nails (some decals apply differently, so please follow the instruction of your decal paper).

5) Seal the decal with top coat and place glitters.

6) Apply a top coat.

Nail Art: Having Fun with Printable Decals3

Ta-da! I love how it turned out, no fuss and no mess!!! Applying the decals was much easier than I thought (phew!). But there are a few tips that I could give you – learn from my mistakes!

Nail Art: Having Fun with Printable Decals2
  • Take the air out when applying the decals. See the bubbles on my ring finger (in the photo above)? This is the reason why. Without bubbles, you can’t really see the outlines of decals (in the photo below).
  • You can slide and readjust the decals while they are wet. No need to rush!
  • If you are a Seche Vite user, don’t use it directly below or above decals – use other brand’s top coat instead (otherwise decals peel off easily). I used other brand’s top coat in step 5 to seal the decal, then used Seche Vite in step 6.
  • Clean the printer head. It could be just me (haven’t done the head cleaning for a while), but it’s worth testing – I was really disappointed when my decal was printed out partly faded (see the black bow on my thumb?).
  • …OK, I’ll post a step-by-step tutorial next time otherwise it’s too hard to explain…

I’m so glad I gave it a go, because the possibilities of waterslide decals are infinite! Yes, I can smell printable decal data coming up next week… *sniff sniff*

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  1. I am trying these amazing decals out on my youtube channel and I linked to your post for giving them to me!!

  2. Thanks Tanuki! Mitoca Nail’s nail art design is AWESOME!!! And I’m in love with her printable decals, too :) I’m working on printable decal data to share next week, so watch this space!

  3. This is simply super cute!! I have actually been a secret admirer of her blog for some time now – her style is so chic isn’t it? I especially love the stripy design with the round top on your middle and little fingers!! Thank you for sharing this Emi:)

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