Sep 14 2012

Free iPhone App for Manga & Camera Lovers

Hello lovelies! I found this wicked (and free!) camera app last night called Manga-Camera by Supersoftware, and had to share it with you :)

It’s insanely fun, I promise! But… well, the only downside is that it’s only for iPhone users (at the moment, anyway). No Android, no iPad or iPod Touch (real shame). If you are an iPhone user, however, this is what you can do with it:

Free iPhone App for Manga & Camera Lovers

There are 32 photo frames (overlays) to choose from, and when you take photos, they turn into black and white manga/cartoon images.

Free iPhone App for Manga & Camera Lovers2

The top photo is shot without the camera app (edited with TiltShift Generator app), and the bottom photos are shot with Manga-Camera app. In case you’re wondering, these Miffy are coloured pens :)

Free iPhone App for Manga & Camera Lovers3

Left without the app, and right with the app. Oh, and the baldy old man is a pen (I know you were definitely wondering), and in fact, no other than William Shakespeare :D

Free iPhone App for Manga & Camera Lovers4

Top left without the app, and the rest with the app. See how sinister the kitty looks? I LOVE it!!! I think you could make so many sinister looking Halloween cards and decorations with the photos :) Oh, and the kitty isn’t a pen, by the way.

Anyways, hope you guys are going to have some fun with the app! I’ll be back soon for another craft post later today :)

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5 Commnents to “Free iPhone App for Manga & Camera Lovers”

  1. I know, right? I really hope that they’re going to develop it for Android users soon!

  2. OMG this really cracks me up so badly…especially the ones with the cute cat!! Really hope they will make this app available for Android users…!

  3. what?!! That is so cool!!! Hopefully they’ll develop it for us poor sad Android users – that is so fun!

  4. I’m curious how your cat’s going to look like using the app :D You’ve got to share it with me, truebluemeandyou!!!

  5. Very cool. I’m always looking for new filters to change things up!

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