Sep 14 2012

Craft Tutorial:
Chan Luu knockoff Earrings

Craft Tutorial: Chan Luu knockoff Earrings
Craft Tutorial: Chan Luu knockoff Earrings 4

Hello Sweets! I know, two posts in a day (it might snow later :D)! Today’s tutorial is a knockoff of earrings designed by Los Angeles-based jewelry designer, Chan Luu.

Craft Tutorial: Chan Luu knockoff Earrings original

This is the original version, 14-karat gold-vermeil and semi-precious stone earrings by Chan Luu (photo credit: Aren’t these earrings gorgeous?! The deep purple stones look perfect for fall. And even though they may look quite complicated to make, they are not – OK, the tutorial is quite lengthy, but each process is very easy. So… are you ready?

What you’ll need:

Craft Tutorial: Chan Luu knockoff Earrings tool
  • 24 beads (I’m using 6mm Czech Fire Polish beads)
  • 60 seed beads
  • 2 drop beads
  • a pair of ear wires
  • 4 – 6 jump rings (see step16 for exact number)
  • beading wire, about 70cm (I’m using 24 gauge Artistic Wire)
  • (not in the photo) pair of flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers and wire cutters


Craft Tutorial: Chan Luu knockoff Earrings t1

1) Cut the beading wire into 30cm length, and thread 4 seed beads.

2) Pass through the first bead so that it forms a loop.

Craft Tutorial: Chan Luu knockoff Earrings t3

3) Add a Fire Polish bead and 4 seed beads to one end of the wire.

4) Pass through the first bead to form a loop.

Craft Tutorial: Chan Luu knockoff Earrings t5

5) Add a Fire Polish bead and 4 seed beads to the other end of the wire, and pass through the fist bead to form a loop.

6) Add one Fire Polish bead and one seed bead to one end of the wire, and one Fire Polish bead to the other end of the wire.

Craft Tutorial: Chan Luu knockoff Earrings t7

7) Pass through the seed bead you just added.

8) Add one seed bead to one end, two seed beads to the other end of the wire.

Craft Tutorial: Chan Luu knockoff Earrings t9

9) Pass through the last bead you added to form a loop. Now you have one flower motif.

10) Repeat the steps to make 2 more flower motifs. At the end of the third flower, instead of making a small loop with seed beads, add three beads.

Craft Tutorial: Chan Luu knockoff Earrings t11

11) Pass through the last bead.

12) Wrap the wires around the seed beads to secure, then trim the excess wires.

Craft Tutorial: Chan Luu knockoff Earrings t13

13) Next, cut the beading wire into 10cm length, and thread a drop bead. Twist the wire twice above the bead.

14) Trim the shorter end of wire, and create a loop above the twist using round-nose pliers.

Craft Tutorial: Chan Luu knockoff Earrings t15

15) If the wire fit in the seed bead in the middle, thread the wire before winding the wire around below the loop.

16) If the wire doesn’t fit (like me), use jump rings to attach the drop bead to the seed bead.

Craft Tutorial: Chan Luu knockoff Earrings t17

17) Attach ear wires to the motif using jump rings, and you’re done!

Craft Tutorial: Chan Luu knockoff Earrings 1
Craft Tutorial: Chan Luu knockoff Earrings 2

Voila! It’s amazing how different the earrings look using different coloured beads! Mine look more winter-ish, don’t you think? Hope you enjoyed the tutorial (trust me, it’s so much easier than it sounds!), and have a lovely weekend!


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47 Commnents to “Craft Tutorial:
Chan Luu knockoff Earrings”

  1. beautiful earrings…. I switch it out a bit and used pearls instead of crystals and I also adapted it into a bracelet.
    It’s an easy pattern to follow so all I had to do is switch the wire for threat and follow the instructions until it reached the length I needed it to be for a bracelet. My daughter loves it.

  2. Hi, I saw this pattern and thought it was real pretty. I looked down at my ankle and I had the same pattern for an anklet. I think I found the pattern in a beading magazine.
    Have you placed your work in beads and buttons mag? I think it was published there. I truely ;ove this pattern and so much that I even made a
    necklace and anklet and earrings. Thank you for your beautiful design.
    Keep up the Great work!!!!

  3. This earrings are so beautiful ! I’m going to share your post on my french blog ! ;-)

  4. Love this project. Used 26 gauge red wire, larger black seed beads and 8mm glass beads for mine. :) Lovely work.

  5. Hey, those are some really beautiful earrings and the tutorial was extremely easy to follow – especially with pics to see :) I have always had problems using beading wire so have been using regular beading thread. I have even tried using 32 ga. wire but I always get “crimps”, and I have been beading only for about 14 yrs give or take. But thanks for something so easy and quite elegant!

  6. Hi! I know that this is an old post but I absolutely love the way you made these earrings. There’s so many different looks you can get with different color beads! I actually like yours better than the original (shhhh)…. :’)
    Thanks for posting this. I’m new to beading and have tons of supplies but need ideas. This one is going to be at the top of my list! I hope to find more from you.

  7. Hi, These earrings are beautiful and the tutorial easy to follow. I had some trouble with securing the wire as it kept unraveling from the seed beeds- I must have used the wrong wire as it was too flexible. I used a crimp bead instead to secure the wires. I made a shorter version using only the last flower section and a drop bead and they are gorgeous! I made 4 pairs and am delighted with them!! Thanks so much for sharing this!!

  8. Fabulous, and will go perfectly with a bracelet I’ve just completed. Thank you – I’m just beginning this exciting craft and free tutorials are really helpful :)

  9. very cute earrings, love making them!!!

  10. Thank you for the tutorial on how to make this lovely pair of earrings, inspired me to make a set (necklace, bracelet & pair of earrings plus a ring) based on this. Just want to make you aware of the background you have used, since the jewelry is made out of light color beads, you have to use a darker background to photograph to make it clear.
    All the best :)

  11. Hello. I loved this tutorial. I ended up stitching with wildfire thread and the earrings came out amazing! I had to switch a few little details and work with what materials I had but I am in love with the earrings! Thank you for sharing!

  12. gracias por poner los patrones un saludo de lerida españa

  13. Hi! I would love to Pin this now, but will wait for the 28 gauge wire instead of 24 to be updated in the instruction so it doesn’t cause confusion for anyone not reading within the Comments! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  14. Thank you for this. I made them in black and gold. I needed something special for Mary Kay 50th Seminar in Dallas in a couple weeks and this was a perfect style. thank you again.

  15. Tanks 2 you. I used ajerusalem bead in place of the seed bead and a glass bead. I did just one step as pendant.

  16. Hi
    Thanks so much for sharing! I actually prefer yours, the colours are so soft and sweet. Fantastic job!

  17. I made these in a Black Diamond Czech Fire-Polish bead and black 11/o Round Seed Beads. However, I tried both 24 and 26 Gauge Artistic Wire and neither would go through the seed beads 2x to do the cross overs. So, it needs to be either 28 or 30 gauge. If you use 30 gauge (like I did) be very careful when you pull the wire through the seed bead cross overs (especially the very last one) because it may break. So you may be better off using the 28 gauge. I tried 3mm Czech Druk beads in place of the seed beads, but the same issue occurred, so 28 or 30 gauge wire works. Also, I think the finish part is a little weak – I did it but I worry about such thin wire gauge holding up to the weight of the drop on the bottom. The original looks like they go through the 1 seed bead first, then add one on each wire and use that same wire to go through the drop and back up. I may try that method next.
    Thanks for sharing though; these are gorgeous earrings!

  18. Happy to hear that you liked the tutorial, Stacey :)

  19. Hey!
    thank you so much for this tutorial! not only have i made a stunning pair of earrings but have also used the design to make a bracelet <3 i cant wait to show my customers <3

  20. Hello Chris! Sorry for the late reply:
    Could you try threading 4 beads from left to right? Then pass through the first bead, from left side of the hole to right side of the hole – did it form a loop?
    Hope it worked!!!

  21. I am having trouble with the second step (though it seems easy). I cannot make the loop with the beads. Please help! Thanks!

  22. Hi Terry, thanks for pointing it out – it’s my fault, and I used 28 gauge wire instead of 24 (and it’s quite obvious from the photo as well…). Will have to change the instruction, too!

  23. Great tute! Problem is: How can you get 24-gauge wire thru a size 11 seed beed twice? Not working for me.

  24. thank u so much for tutoral, and i,m very happy that i,m learning to make my own jewerly,thank u so much.waiting for new project

  25. Thanks Sue and Shazia :)

  26. these are so pretty and elegant, thankyou for the tutorial :)

  27. Thanks, blessing :)

  28. Hello Kay, I used Toho seed beads 11/0. But I’m sure any size would work fine with this project :) Thanks for stopping by!

  29. I checked through the instructions a couple of times, but don’t see the size for the seed beads. These are so pretty. Thank you for sharing the directions to make them.

  30. Lovely, ur piece is amazing!!!

  31. Hi Pamela, I used 6mm Czech beads :)

  32. Hi. Love your tutorials. May I ask: what size of Czech beads did you use?

  33. Thanks Maya :)

  34. These earrings are great. Thank you for sharing

  35. The combination of the beads sounds amazing, Rita Micallef! I’m also glad to hear that the tutorial worked fine :)

  36. Thanks, Sandie.CK!

  37. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I made a pair using jet fire polished beads and silver lined crystal 8’s. they look beautiful and did not take long to make. Excellent directions.

  38. I agree! I like your knock-offs better!

  39. Thanks for stopping by, Anne M! Hope you enjoy making a few pairs :)

  40. I am anxious to try this new pattern. I am making Christmas presents and this one is just beautiful. Thank you for the directions, I am lookng foward to making these.

  41. Thanks rian :)

  42. Super cute & excellent directions! Thanks so much for sharing!

  43. Wow, it’s super awesome that you made the earrings, Emily! And you already started making Christmas present…?! You’re SO organised!!!

  44. Thank you so much for the tutorial! These are beautiful!
    I just finished making them for my friend’s Christmas present (I’m getting them done early this year)

  45. Gorgeous again Emi!!! I love that your knockoff’s are even prettier than the originals!!

  46. Thanks evdokia t. & Bev :)

  47. amazing? :)
    thank you for this tutorial!!!!

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