Apr 02 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Tricolour

Nail Art Tutorial: Tricolour 1

Today’s tutorial will show you how to apply stripes nail art, shown on this post, into different design. If you have ever tried making tricolour design but without much success, you will thank masking tape, I’m sure!

What I used (from right)

Nail Art Tutorial: Tricolour 2

  • Paul & Joe /011
  • Paul & Joe /007
  • Paul & Joe /49

What You’ll Need

  • cooking parchment, about 10cm x 15cm
  • masking tape, about 10cm long
  • ruler
  • pen
  • utility knife


Nail Art Tutorial: Tricolour t1Nail Art Tutorial: Tricolour t2

1) Apply a base coat and two coats of 007.

2) Make line-templates using masking tape (for how to make line-templates, please read this post). I’m using 5mm-wide templates for both on my real nails and in the tutorial. When the polish is completely dry (it should be absolutely 100% dry), place the templates on your nails. Make sure there is no space between your nails and masking tapes.

Nail Art Tutorial: Tricolour t3Nail Art Tutorial: Tricolour t4

3) Apply two coats of 49 at the bottom and 011 on the top.

4) When the polish is completely dry (again, 100% dry), peel off the masking tapes. You will have uneven surface, but this will be smoothed perfectly when thick top coat is applied.

Nail Art Tutorial: Tricolour 3

This is how the tricolour design looks on my real nails.

Nail Art Tutorial: Tricolour 4

If you get bored with the nail polishes you own, you can enjoy them again by this mix-and-match technique. I hardly ever use 49 on its own, but after discovering that it goes well with other colours, it became one of my favourite colours. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!


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